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July 13, 2012

U.S. tightens Iran sanctions

U.S. persons or entities may not legally deal petroleum with those designated for sanctions. (UPI/Maryam Rahmanian)

WASHINGTON (UPI) -- The U.S. government said Thursday it was imposing additional sanctions on Iran's nuclear and ballistic missile proliferation networks.

A statement by the U.S. Treasury said it and the State Department are designating 11 entities and four individuals under a presidential executive order. The statement said many of the individuals and entities designated Thursday "are part of a network of proliferators headed by Iran's Ministry of Defense for Armed Forces Logistics ... and its subsidiary, Aerospace Industries Organization. ... A number of additional designations are related to Iran's national maritime carrier, Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines ... and Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps ..., both of which have been the target of a numerous sanctions actions by the United States and our partners around the world."

Treasury said it was taking additional steps to prevent evasion of sanctions by publicly identifying a group of Iranian front companies and banks.

The statement named four "front companies" for the Naftiran Intertrade Co., NICO, or the National Iranian Oil Co., NIOC: Petro Suisse Intertrade Co. SA; Hong Kong Intertrade Co.; Noor Energy (Malaysia) Ltd., and Petro Energy Intertrade Co.

NICO intended to use Petro Energy Intertrade to evade Western sanctions, the Treasury Department said. Both NICO and NIOC are centrally involved in the sale of Iranian oil, in 2008 as entities that are owned or controlled by the government of Iran.

The Treasury Department also identified the National Iranian Tanker Co., NITC, as a government of Iran entity and, for the first time, the NITC fleet and various front companies belonging to NITC. In addition, the Treasury Department identified 20 Iranian financial institutions for inclusion on its List of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons.

The department statement said the identifications "highlight Iran's attempts to evade sanctions through the use of front companies, as well as its attempts to conceal its tanker fleet by repainting, reflagging or disabling GPS devices."

U.S. persons or entities may not legally deal with those designated for sanctions.

Comments :


Perhaps these Admiral knows already that they've been hiindg or running away from their units to safe-haven (in Syria). Just in case there is a turmoil/uprising in Iran, so it's easy for them to self turn-in' defected to the western-power who stationing in Mid-Eastern Sea.Who knows ..something weird could happen this days.


Be careful you don't give too much crdiet to the Iranians ..You guys were so optimistic about the prospect that the Iranians might accept the nuclear compromise deal. Now, all of a sudden, there's a problem with the proposal? It was a generous offer and a major first step. It certainly tested the intentions of the Iranians. Now we see how serious the Iranians are about reorienting U.S.-Iranian relations .. [url=]ngfhmgmxvb[/url] [link=]zcfehgg[/link]


I agree Ben. On many points, esecpially Iran, I'm disappointed with my vote for Obama. I suppose we should have seen this coming with his cabinet picks, in particular Ross and Clinton. These two figures are openly pro-Zionist and anti-Iran.It's looking like the only question mark is China, whether they'll assume the lead in advocating moderation or simply give in to a consensus. [url=]lprpsf[/url] [link=]algdvmv[/link]


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