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January 06, 2012


Ron Paul could win the White House as either the Republican candidate or as an Independent. (UPI/Mike Theiler)


People often feel that their generation is somehow so very different than past generations. Sometimes for the better, other times for the worse. There’s always a generational reason for why the apocalypse is coming “now.” A new anti-Christ is looming every few years. Same is true for third party presidential hopefuls. There’s always a ‘realistic’ candidate waiting in the political – or anti-political – wings. Maybe 2012 will actually be the year where a generation actually does yield something so very different, which can change the course of history. If so, hopefully, it will just be a viable third party presidential candidate – and one who isn’t doubling as the anti-Christ. Given that Barack Hussein Obama may have the latter role already filled, perhaps a third party candidate can emerge, cape and all, and knock the current president on his ultra-liberal/socialist political behind.

The GOP field has proven erratic at best. Better stated, the voters seem to be all over the place, not nearly content with any one candidate. Speaking of “anti-“, Mitt Romney comes to mind. Doubtful he’s the anti-Christ (the man’s too plastic and would melt under fire), but every other wannabe, at one point or another, appears to emerge as the anti-Romney candidate. For sure, this is, at least partially, a compliment to the former Massachusetts helmer. The Mormon, moderate man from Michigan, Massachusetts and mainstream GOP has held a steady base hovering in the twenty percentiles. But nothing indicates that he will ever ascend from the bowels of those unelectable numbers. Most Republicans just aren’t enthused by his flip-flopping past, big corporation building ethic, and Ken Doll persona. Also, his inevitability, as propagated by the GOP establishment, is rather arrogant and condescending. This all just doesn’t fit well with mainstream America—but mainstream GOP doesn’t get it or doesn’t care.

The party bosses, their political hack elected officials and their media henchmen, have been doing everything possible to deflate, if not destroy, every Republican who has stripped the RomRobot of his entitled lead. See the glaring cases of Herman Cain, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. Although all these men are GOP studs and impressive presidential candidates to many, the establishment has joined (if not instigated) the Democrats and whitewashed them with seedy attack campaigns that have often included false allegations. It worked so well that Cain, a truly fantastic human being, dropped out of the race, Perry, a jobs-creating hero, sunk to single digits in the polls, and Gingrich – a brilliant political leader with unmatched debating skills – is quickly lost his frontrunner status. But they don’t know what to do with Ron Paul, and that’s got them in a tizzy.

The Texas congressman just made a great showing in Iowa, scoring what essentially amounted to a three-way tie with Romney and surprise social conservative Rick Santorum. The big loser from Iowa is Romney as the caucus results caused Michele Bachman to drop out of the race, with Rick Perry on the edge of destruction. A commonsense analysis reveals that Ron Paul will benefit sizeably from the Perry and Bachmann departures, despite what mainstream talking heads - acting on behalf of the GOP establishment - propagandize. Perry hails from Texas, as does Paul. This fact, coupled with Perry's fiscally conservative message, will cause some voters to turn to the Texas doctor. Paul will snatch up even more from Bachmann's limited base. A favorite of the now partially fractured Tea Party, Bachmann is a mere descendent of the movement that was fathered by Paul. He will get a good portion of Bachmann's support.  Santorum and Gingrich will split up the balance of the Perry/Bachmann votes; the more conventional Evangelicals and conservatives will gravitate to them. Those people aren't interested in the moderate Romney, who lost a lot more from Iowa than he gained from his befuddling 8-vote "win." 

It’s amazing, but the aloof establishment/Romney aristocrats are still acting like Ron Paul doesn’t exist. GOP paid pundits and media allies have drummed up rationale for the insignificance of Paul’s success in Iowa; they’re simply discussing how this gnat has confused things momentarily until all gets sorted out in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida. But behind the scenes, they’re all quite worried. They know that primary voters, in the aggregate, aren’t that stupid. Eventually – and that eventuality is happening now – they realize that Paul’s ironclad constitutional, less government, fiscally conservative message will get out to all. And there’s only so long that they can continue to perpetuate their phony ‘kook’ picture of a candidate with a troubled foreign policy platform.  The fear mongering is laughable.

Romney et al are desperately trying to make voters believe that Paul would allow an Iranian nuclear holocaust. The truth is that Romney, Michele Bachmann, and other “critics’” positions are nearly identical to those held by Paul. None of them assert that they would wage war with Iran in the event that the radical leadership of that nation develops nuclear weapons. These other Republicans admit that a conventional war with Iran is almost definitely unwinnable. Accordingly, they offer other solutions, all which are short of war. Sound familiar? That’s what Paul says too. There are two differences among Congressman Paul and the other candidates. First, Paul has stated that he has seen no credible evidence that Iran actually has the capabilities to manufacture nuclear weapons and that we shouldn’t jump the gun in believing that they do. This sounds prudent but, even more so, it is irrelevant to the collective candidates’ stance on a nuclear Iran—as none, including Romney, have stated that they would seek a military attack upon that country in the event that they obtained such weaponry (ok – Santorum, apparently delirious, stated something about an attack). The second difference is that Paul is the only presidential candidate who has vowed to uphold the constitution and only allow the United States to go into military battle upon a declaration of war by Congress. Why would any voter want otherwise? Why would any voter want one person – a president – to have the power to send our sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers into the depths and death of war? Why would any voter want what has happened since World War II, where every war we have fought has been illegal because Congress never actually instituted a declaration of war?

Ron Paul isn’t afraid to go to war and believes it is necessary when our national security is in jeopardy. As a congressman, he indeed voted to go to war after 9/11. The gentleman simply wants the constitution followed and unbelievably would limit his own power as a president. Is the following clear to the Republican establishment? WE CAN ONLY GO TO WAR WHEN CONGRESS DECLARES WAR—NOT WHEN A PRESIDENT GIVES ONE STROKE OF HIS OWN PEN…Ron Paul is a dream president. To the establishment, however, he is a nightmare.

So, what happens upon continuing success of Ron Paul in New Hampshire? Thereafter, there is some inevitability. Romney and the establishment will no longer be able to continue the dismissive charade. Paul will be viciously bombarded with more false allegations, and his son, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) will surely be dragged into the heated fray. The congressman will either win the Republican nomination—or he will run as an Independent.

As a third party candidate, Ron Paul is even more of a problem for the establishment. The same as Gary Johnson and Donald Trump – two other realistic White House contenders – will be. The obvious result would be a loss of votes for the Republican nominee. John Anderson (1980) and more recently, Ross Perot, have served as thorns in the GOP side in presidential campaigns, though neither had a realistic shot of winning. But this generation could produce a different result. Americans are truly disenchanted with politicians, both at the congressional and presidential levels. The “anyone but” mantra may rightfully be applied to “establishment” candidates (e.g. – Obama, Romney, and maybe any other candidate from the current GOP field). Approval ratings in the executive and legislative branches are at historic lows. The specter of a third party candidacy could prove exciting to many Americans, and Ron Paul, especially, may be best suited in that wardrobe. Running as an Independent, he would legitimately be independent of the party system, which, at least to some, would be favorable. Paul already has a fanatical base of supporters and he, like Obama four years ago, has galvanized the youth. Add all these factors together and Paul – as a third party candidate – may not just cause an “L” for the Republicans, but could fly right into the White House. To mainstream Americans, he would be the man in the cape. To the mainstream GOP establishment, he would be the anti-Christ.      

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It is a nice sounding torhey that when you separate the Christian Church from the state, you get stability, but it does not pass the common sense test. For instance, I know it is the first words out of any atheist mouth when you try to talk with them about Jesus, Explain the Inquisition," and Look how evil the church was!" and "Look what they did in the name of Jesus!" It is true that about 500 years ago, Christian fanatics killed about 10,000 people over a 100 year time period (about 100/year) in the name of the Roman Catholic church. It is a shame on the record of an organization that claims to be promoting the ministry of Christ. Now compare this record to the example of the countries that have officially done away with religion. To the countries that have outright banned religion and imprisoned those who try to practice it (the ultimate test of the torhey of separation of church and state). Yes, I am talking about Communist countries. In the Communist Manifesto, Engel and Marx declared, "Communism abolishes all religion." In my father's lifetime, the numbers of people that officially atheist countries have murdered in the name of no-religion is staggering; the USSR slaughtered 20 million, China slaughtered 10 million, Communist Cambodia slaughtered 2 million, Communist North Korea has/continues to murder untold numbers, Communist Cuba has/continues to murder untold numbers, the list goes on. The grand total is over 50 million dead in the last 80-year time span (over 600,000/year). Even comparing the worst time of "Christian Persecution" to an average time of a just one country that has officially and forcefully separated church and state, the conclusion is obvious: Christianity has a huge calming influence on government.Marky Mark


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It is a nice sounding theory that when you separate the Christian Church from the state, you get stability, but it does not pass the common sense test. For instance, I know it is the first words out of any atheist mouth when you try to talk with them about Jesus, “Explain the Inquisition," and “Look how evil the church was!" and "Look what they did in the name of Jesus!" It is true that about 500 years ago, Christian fanatics killed about 10,000 people over a 100 year time period (about 100/year) in the name of the Roman Catholic church. It is a shame on the record of an organization that claims to be promoting the ministry of Christ. Now compare this record to the example of the countries that have officially done away with religion. To the countries that have outright banned religion and imprisoned those who try to practice it (the ultimate test of the theory of separation of church and state). Yes, I am talking about Communist countries. In the Communist Manifesto, Engel and Marx declared, "Communism abolishes all religion." In my father's lifetime, the numbers of people that officially atheist countries have murdered in the name of no-religion is staggering; the USSR slaughtered 20 million, China slaughtered 10 million, Communist Cambodia slaughtered 2 million, Communist North Korea has/continues to murder untold numbers, Communist Cuba has/continues to murder untold numbers, the list goes on. The grand total is over 50 million dead in the last 80-year time span (over 600,000/year). Even comparing the worst time of "Christian Persecution" to an average time of a just one country that has officially and forcefully separated church and state, the conclusion is obvious: Christianity has a huge calming influence on government.Marky Mark auto insurance rates life insurance comparison


Two reasons, JR: A) After you watch ONE political satire show, you’re kind of “full”, and don’t really want another dose of the same. (There have been nights when both shows have ended up ( by virtue of covering the same “story of the day”) basically doing variations of the same jokes (also true of the OTHER late-night shows, of course; it’s not plagarism, it’s just the nature of the game). B)THE DAILY SHOW’s only major timeslot competitor is Conan (who’s not a big draw these days, but does overlap with Stewart and Colbert’s SPECIFIC fanbase- indeed, O’Brien’s show does MUCH better in Canada, where it actually FOLLOWS their shows on the same network, and all three shows basically support each other). By contrast, Colbert goes directly up against not only the last half of O’Brien, but head-to-head with Letterman and Leno- both skew older, but there’s going to be some attrition. It’s possible Colbert would do better if he switched timeslots with Stewart… but I tend to think his more conceptual humor needs the audience to be warmed up and “in the mood” to work best.It’s a matter of taste which you prefer, but I think Stewart’s straight-up “here’s what stupid things politicians did today” approach has a more mainstream appeal- indeed, it’s just a more specific, detailed descendant of the kind of monologues late-night hosts have been doing since Watergate made doing EXPLICITLY political jokes acceptable to mainstream audiences. MBA degree low interest credit cards


numerous times to those who insist Congressman Paul is a crackpot.1. How are any of the other candidates addressing a 50 trillion dollar debt?2. How are any of the other candidates addressing the fact that the GAO, CBO and the Federal reserve ( St. Louis branch ) have all stated or come out with reports stating that the U.S. is now insolvent?3. What do the other candidates see as viable benchmarks for success in Iraq while the debt meter runs faster and faster and more American lives are lost? 4. How can the other candidates demonstrate that huge government bureaucracies like the Department of Homeland Security have actually given the taxpayer their money's worth considering the country's rapidly deteriorating financial condition?5. How have the other candidates addressed the coming entitlement melt down? 6. How have the other candidates addressed the need to keep the executive branch within the confines of the Constitution so that accountability to the taxpayer through Congress is maintained? I hear a great deal of criticism of RP but nobody has offered an alternative that will make a long term difference to this country. All the other candidates are offering the same old tired rhetoric which simply tells me that they can offer no solutions, no real leadership, and no hope. I fear our Republic is near its end. As is usually the case, a Republic ends with weak, corrupt leadership. And in a democratic republic the people get the government they deserve. So the rest of you can support the next political whore who wins your party's primary and then continues to take this country down. 46% or 0%, I'll stick with RP. online degrees purchase cialis


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It's in fact very complex in this full of activity life to listen news on TV, thus I only use internet for that reason, and take Where are the femur tibia and fibula? latest news.

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HIFF Celebrates Third and Possibly Final Year in Middletown

Boys and Girls Club of Wayne

New Scandals Show Obama’s Contempt for the Constitution

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