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May 09, 2012

Terrorism a 'losing tactic,' Clinton says

Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. (UPI Photo/Kevin Dietsch)

NEW DELHI (UPI) -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised U.S.-India relations, citing both countries' desire to stabilize Afghanistan along with joint economic efforts.

Clinton, wrapping up her latest foreign tour in New Delhi, also warned terrorist groups operating in Pakistan that the United States is "going after those who pose direct threats to the United States, to Afghanistan and to our allies in Afghanistan."

The Pakistani government needs to "do more," Clinton said during a joint news conference with Indian External Affairs Minister Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna. "It needs to make sure that its territory is not used as launching pads for terrorist attacks anywhere, including inside of Pakistan."

Terrorism, she said, "is a losing tactic. But we have to prevent as much death and destruction as possible as we uproot and destroy these groups and convince those whom they recruit that that is no longer a decision that should be made."

Clinton noted the United States and India are "two great democracies with common values and increasingly convergent interests." She said the day's discussions focused on four areas.

The two countries must continue to expand trade and investment and deepen security cooperation, she said. Also, the United States and India must "work to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities in South and Central Asia," with India providing support and leadership concerning trade and other economic issues.

Finally, Clinton said, "We also look to India as a partner in the broad international effort to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons."

The best way to reach a diplomatic solution on Iran is for the international community to remain united and keep up the pressure that brought Iran back to the negotiating table.

"I welcomed the progress India is making to reduce its purchases of oil from Iran and hope to see continuing progress," she said.

Krishna said Iran remained an important oil source for India, even as India cut back its purchases of oil from Iran.

"As far as India is concerned, we subscribe to and rigorously implement the U.N. Security Council resolutions" on Iran," he said. "This issue, however, is not a source of discord between our two countries."

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Dear HilaryI'm a friend of Trekhal's from Kenya. I saw his link to your blog and am up watniig for my workaholic lawyer boyfriend to return home from work somewhere circa 11pm. So I'm generally just delving into people's personal business on Facebook as a way of keeping myself awake.Its excellent- the blog. I laughed heaps. Two things I can recommend if you don't already know- when you take off your shoes, wash your hands immediately (that's unless you didn't use your hands and just kicked them off) and the salt and water to wash your veg, bleach and water works a treat too. I'd also say before eating anything, or generally putting anything near your mouth, eyes, or noes use that alcohol gel sanitiser. Though I realise given you can't access basic food supplies and may not want to look like a neurotic foreigner this may not be the best suggestion.Also you'll be happy to know I've lived in South Africa, Kenya and Australia and I've never seen eggs that are refridgerated in a store though I keep them in the fridge at home. I also eat eggs that expired 6 months before so maybe I'm not the best egg-pert.Anyway it may be frustrating at times, but I'm sure its all worth it.Take care,Kelly


Hi there! So I found your blog via your excellent Hairpin atlicre and just wanted to say that I haven't had much time to read your posts, but what I have read is getting me excited for my own trip to India! I'm studying abroad through SIT (School for International Training) in Jaipur for a program on sustainable development and social change (heady stuff, right?). Anyway, I'm thinking about traveling to Mumbai for a few days after my semester ends (as well as Goa, Ajanta & Ellora Caves and maybe a part of Kerala) and was wondering if you had any advice like in general? Like say maybe I'm freaking out a little because I still have to sort of learn some Hindi and do a bunch of reading and it's finally dawning on me that I'm going to be in India for 3+ months. Obviously, I don't expect you to write me back a novel or anything, but anything encouragement-wise would be greatly appreciated!Thanks again for your awesome blog P.S. I'm actually applying for a summer internship with AIF in their NYC offices any further advice?

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