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October 28, 2015

Talking Politiks - NYC's First Ever politiKos Theatre Festival


The presidential election is still over a year away, but as the numerous candidate vie for America’s affection, many issues are surfacing creating a national dialogue. This issued range from immigration and taxes to national security and our current government’s in-effectiveness. 

With politics in the air, there is no better time for a political themed theatre festival, from November 5-8 at the Lower East Side’s The Kraine Theater, the first annual

politiKos 2015 (founding Artistic Director, Israela Margalit), is the first political theater festival featuring drama, comedy, satire, songs, and opinions from left, right and center. The hope is to give voice to celebrated as well as to emerging playwrights, poets, and performers. This year’s festival will feature work by Arthur Kopit, Dominique Morisseau, Brian Dykstra, Michael Bradford, Libby Emmons, Israela Margalit, Colin Greer, Darian Dauchan, Up and Down Theater, and The Living Theater, under directors John Eisner, Margarett Perry, John-Martin Green, and Christina Ruossos.

GSJ: How would you describe politiKos?

Israela Margalit:     politiKos 2015 is a political theater festival that presents drama, comedy, satire, songs, and opinions from left, right, and center, and gives voice to celebrated and emerging playwrights, poets, and performers from all walks of life. politiKos is about politics in the broadest sense of the word, hence the “K” from the Greek: of, for, or relating to citizens

GSJ: What was the inspiration for the festival?

IM:     Lifelong thoughts, impressions, and conversations that suddenly translated into an idea. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, 90% percent of what you do has to do with politics: what you eat, how much you pay at the supermarket, banking, your visit to the doctor, who you fall in love with. I wrote one play that was heavily rooted in a political situation, Night Blooming Jasmine, and I saw the audience truly engaged after the shows were over. Theater has the ability to investigate and illuminate the human condition, and open up a discourse. Just think of a play like Frost and Nixon, and how much it said about the complexity of ambition and the futility of power. I thought it would be interesting to put together a festival that would explore different facets of politics with work from an array of some extremely intelligent people. I described my idea to Erez Ziv who runs both FRIGID New York and Horse Trade Theater Group, and he wanted to embark on this festival right away, so here we are.

GSJ: What was the reaction when you first started to put this festival together?

Support and interest across the board. When you Google “New York political theater festival,” ours is the only one that turns up. Hopefully we’ll find out that there is a place and a need for such a festival. 

GSJ: What are some of the highlights of politiKos?

IM:     Arthur Kopit wrote a new short play for us. That’s amazing. We have engaging and brilliant plays by Michael Bradford, Dominique Morisseau, Brian Dykstra, Colin Greer, and Libby Emmons. (I can’t speak for my play, please come and tell me.) The hilarious Up & Down Theater will offer a satirical music comedy cabaret about what it means to be American in 2015. The Living Theater will perform the Plague (inspired by Artaud). And Darian Dauchan will host an Open Mic with terrific guest poets.

GSJ: Why should people come and see politiKos?

IM:     The plays are superb, we have first-rate directors in John Eisner, Margarett Perry, John-Martin Green, and Christina Roussos. We asked them to cast the shows with actors they like, resulting with an extraordinary cast.  I hope—I believe—it’s going to be fun, provocative, engaging.

GSJ: What do you hope the audiences reactions will be?

IM:     Can’t wait for politiKos 2016.

GSJ: Do artists have a responsibility to be political?

IM:     No. Artists have responsibility to their art. That said, I chose a few quotes for our website, and the first one from Martin Luther King, Jr. says: “The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”

When it comes to artists and political action who do you look up to and why?

I tend to look up to ideas rather than people. None of us humans can withstand the scrutiny of close observation. We’re all so full of faults.

GSJ: Is there a piece you are most excited to see?

IM:     I’m the festival’s Artistic Director, so I obviously love all the plays we’re presenting. I’m looking forward to the feeling of the festival as a whole, how the four days will stack up against my idea of it, and what we can do to make it better.  Mostly I look forward to people going on stage and doing their thing. No matter what’s on the written page, when actors open their mouths, something unexpected happens.

GSJ: Being from Israel, how do you view American politics?

IM:     Highly entertaining! You can’t invent such comedy and drama. I love it. Even thought I came from such a political country, I was not seriously interested in politics until I lived in the United States during Watergate. It was better than any written drama and converted me into a political junkie.

GSJ:  Is there anyone in particular you like that is currently running for president?

IM:     Presidential politics is a mystery. You know who is the most competent and yet you get passionate about another candidate.   

GSJ: To enjoy this festival does it help more if you consider yourself a Republican or a Democrat?

IM: The festival is not partisan. And I don’t think that people only enjoy what reflects their own point of view. Good theater sparks debate.

GSJ:  What made you want to be a part of politiKos?

Brian Dykstra:         I do a lot of political content theatre. I also love writing things that are so current and specific to a theme that they have a shelf life so short that I enjoy writing a contract with the audience that this is the only time and only place you might hear this particular piece of theatre. When the offer came in to do something that was poetic (I’m also an HBO Def Poet) and so current that I don’t even have to have it vetted before the day of performance, I thought this would be something that could hold hands with both of the above considerations. The only thing I was given was a title. Please write a piece called “State of the Union.” So that was the jumping off. Now, this is for the evening of one-acts. 

If you’re asking about the play that’s being read, I thought that getting a political play in front of people expecting a political play was a useful exercise in gaging responses. So, for the full length, it’s another step in the development process where politically aware, or at least interested, audiences could teach me something about it.

GSJ:  Tell us about your piece?

BD:    The slam-poetic piece in the one-act evening is an internal-rhyming rant/screed about the State of the Union. In other words, everything that pisses me off right now.

The full length started off as an indictment of the failure of education in America. It morphed into how education kills our artists by denying them the opportunity to create. It becomes a play about the birth of an artist inside of that resistance. 

GSJ:  What do hope the audience leaves the theatre thinking or saying?

BD:    Well, that’s a tough one. I hope they’re talking, but about what specifically, it’s always hard to pin down. For me, I don’t “learn” something new when I see a play. The moments of clarity are when there’s something I already suspect, or have begun to think about, or considered in a way that gets crystallized by something a playwright says through a character in the situation. At best, there’s a light that comes on and my response is, “Right, THAT’S what I think.”  And, since it’s impossible to know what audiences are dealing with in the specific, it’s hard to hope for a specific thought or topic when they leave the theatre. In general, it’s something about educating our kids better. Or fuller. Or more completely. I mean, I don’t have kids. But I’m all for the best education we can give them. Because I want to live in a society that is populated with intelligent, educated citizens. So, yeah, raise my taxes. Pay better teachers. Get rid of the redundancy of school board or administrative positions that don’t do anything more than serve to justify their jobs and their own salary. Stop teaching to tests. Grow a whole generation of people who have learned how to THINK. Not just memorize.

GSJ:  Do you consider yourself to be political?

BD:    I do. 

GSJ: Do artists have a responsibility to be political or should they stay out of politics? 

BD:    I think we all have a responsibility to be political. All citizens. If you’re going to vote, read something. Have an opinion that is yours and not parroted off any talking head. And figure out who out there is actually representing your views. Now, for me, I feel like there is no one liberal enough to represent me and what I think is important. So, I have to vote for a platform rather than a person. Most of the time. But I owe it to myself to fully understand the platform and which planks I can live with and if there are some I cannot, I either work to raise awareness that those planks need to be uprooted, or I need to find someone who doesn’t support those planks.

So artists also carry that same responsibility. It may go further. If you are writing something sans any political position, that’s a choice. And, to me, that’s a political choice. If you want to write a play that is just supposed to be an entertainment, that’s fine. But, to me, that’s a writer satisfied with the status quo. Which is a political position that’s been taken. To have an audience watching something you’ve written for two hours and choose to not say something with that time? That doesn’t sound possible to me. Even if you’re just saying, “I’m not political, and that’s okay.” You’re saying something political. It may be that you are part of the problem. But only as I define the problem.

Artists should stay out of politics when they try to tell you what to think. I want to know what they think. Or, if ambiguity is the goal, let’s have an actual fair fight about it onstage. I don’t want villains in the arts. I want a well-articulated argument. If possible. I already know Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. I’ve met some of the villains. I don’t need that slant onstage. Beck: Bad! Right, …and?

GSJ:  Did you learn anything from writing this piece? 

BD:     Probably. But I’ll have to let you know.

Presented by FRIGID New York @ Horse Trade and Moonlight Theatre Productions politiKos 2015 will run November 5-8 at The Kraine Theater (85 East 4th Street between 2nd Avenue and Bowery). Tickets are up to $18 may be purchased at


WINNING THE FUTURE CABARET: Thursday, November 5 @ 7pm $12; $15 including Open Mic

A satirical musical comedy cabaret about social and economic issues in American society, comprised of original sketches and songs about what it means to be American in 2015, presented by Up & Down Theater - Lindsey Hope Pearlman, Robin Holloway, and Kate Chavez.

OPEN MIC: Thursday, November 5 @ 8pm $5 (free beer with admission!)

An evening of the unpredictable hosted by Darian Dauchan (winner of New Word Artist for Urban Word NYC) with special guest poets alongside anyone who signs up to present a blistering opinion, an extraordinary poem, an amusing anecdote, a moving tale, or an enticing song.



Written by Brian Dykstra, Directed by Margarett Perry

Friday, November 6 @ 7pm FREE

A presentation of Brian Dykstra’s Education, an edgy, thought-provoking, new full-length play about two young people who fight for their right to express themselves in a society hostile to any change in the status quo.



Saturday, November 7 @ 7pm & Sunday, November 8 @ 2pm $18

Drama, comedy, satire, poetry, and songs by Arthur Kopit (a two-time Pulitzer Prizefinalist), Dominique Morisseau (Edward M. Kennedy Prize for Drama Inspired by American History), Michael Bradford (the Manhattan Theatre Club Playwright fellowship), Libby Emmons (winner the Clubbed Thumb Biennial Commission), Brian Dykstra (Fringe First Award Edinburgh Festival), Israela Margalit (Emmy Nomination), Colin Greer (the American Library Association’s Eli M. Oboler Intellectual Freedom Award), Up and Down Theater, and The Living Theater’s The Plague, under directors John Eisner, Margarett Perry, John-Martin Green, and Christina Russos.

FRIGID New York is a theater development group with a focus on new work that produces a massive quantity of stimulating downtown theater every season. FRIGID’s Resident Artist Program offers a home to a select group of Independent theater artists, pooling together a great deal of talent and energy. FRIGID New York grew out of the annual FRIGID Festival, the first and only festival of its kind in New York City to offer artists 100% of their box office proceeds, and Horse Trade Theater Group, a self-sustaining theater development and management group.

Moonlight Theatre Productions, under Artistic Director Israela Margalit, is an award-winning New York based company devoted to the presentation and production of new works (Mothers, Night Blooming Jasmine, Get me a Guy, Say it as you See it, NAP Reading Series under Kelley Girod.)



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