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December 13, 2011

Romney Groupies' Bashing of Gingrich is Inaccurate

(UPI/John Angelillo)


   The attack of Newt Gingrich is on. The Romney campaign and its sycophants leading the charge. This is expected. And, from a purely political point of view, why shouldn't they attack? After all, Romney is in this to win. And Gingrich is squarely in his way.

   The former House Speaker understands this game, with the greatest degree of experience and knowledge. Many other politicians, pundits, and political insiders do as well. But, in plain terms, this doesn't make it right--or accurate.

   Gingrich is getting hammered by the GOP establishment. The mainstream, centered and, in some cases, left leaning Republicans selected Romney as their candidate long ago. The Karl Rove/George Bush, ultra blue blood powerhouses, joined by fresh-faced (but deep entrenched) "newbies" like New Jersey's Chris Christie, will stop at nothing in paving Romney's way to the White House. Thus, the pressure has been on for the elected official and media endorsements; numerous senators, congressmen, governors - and political pundits and analysts - have already jumped on the Mittster's bandwagon. Many, who, at least at one time, were devout conservatives. An example: Ann Coulter.

   Yesterday, Garden State Journal published Coulter's most recent column, titled "Newt Presents a Fresh New Virtual Face." Though perplexing, it's no secret that Coulter is supporting Romney and has an unabashed political crush on Christie. In her column, she viciously beat down Gingrich, trying to label him a flip-flopper with liberal agendas. Her theme, which really described Romney, concentrated upon an obscure elderly couple - Alvin and Heidi Toffler - who Gingrich had befriended in the early 1990s. She authored a broad academic-style piece, describing the leftist philosophies touted by the Tofflers, which she naturally concluded must have been adopted by Gingrich. Wrong.

   Equally wrong was the "kitchen sink" that was tossed into this wilted salad, where Coulter even invoked imagery of communism, describing a "series of Fidel Castro-style speeches" that Gingrich gave in 1994.  She went on with an attempt to paint a fraudulent picture of a "leftist" Gingrich by alleging dealings with Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi. Coulter, one of those most knowledgeable political insiders, is aware that Gingrich was the Speaker of the House and therefore was compelled to meet, discuss and negotiate with these very powerful Democrats, among others. No one buys that Newt Gingrich is liberal; he's a definite conservative, with his own very smart mind who, God forbid, sometimes has creative (even genius) ideas. Romney, on the other hand, is primarily a centrist and, in reality, is left leaning on many issues (e.g. - health care, abortion).

   Coulter, who almost always makes her point with distinct clarity and accuracy - and intellectual wit - crashed and burned with this one. I'll vote for Romney next November if I have no other choice, but Gingrich is a far better candidate.

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