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July 03, 2012

Romney backer has soccer team in stitches

NEW YORK (UPI) -- Mitt Romney's logo and campaign slogan is on the front of a New York minor league soccer jersey, thanks to an anonymous donor.

FC New York, which plays in Long Island, announced during the weekend its new kits would feature the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's name and the slogan "Believe in America," The Hill reported.

The jerseys will have the candidate's name for the remainder of the season, the team said.

The team said it was approached by an anonymous donor not tied to the Romney campaign who wanted to sponsor the placement.

"I love futbol [soccer]; I love America; I am a proud Latino-American who believes Mitt Romney needs to be our next president," the anonymous donor said in a statement released by the club.

Comments :


You got to push it-this esitensal info that is!


Love this! What a great job. That's the kind of videos we need, and we need ceinddatas to talk about specifics. When they say a coal-fired plant closes - give the exact regulation number. It won't be remembered, but listeners will know it's real (for example). Think of the specific examples of fraud and waste that could be heard if ceinddatas would just do it!The video makes it real. The ending cartoon is a fact.


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