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April 14, 2017

Q & A with Comedian & Youtube Sensation - Katie Goodman


This week, comedian/ You Tube sensation Katie Goodman’s celebrated Broad Comedy, will get its Off-Broadway debut at the historic SoHo Playhouse, for three performances only (details below).  Trust us, the show is funny, bold and worth a trip to Vandam Street. Go get your tickets now.

GSJ had a chance to chat with Ms. Goodman about Broadway Comedy.

GSJ: Describe Broad Comedy? 

KATIE GOODMAN:   We have been described as if Amy Schumer and Samantha Bee had a baby and hired Tim Minchin as the manny. We could also be described as the opposite of Sean Spicer. Unless you mean Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer. Then you're dead on.

GSJ: You seem to have a feminist /political take on your comedy, has that always been your style or have recent political events pushed you more in that direction? 

KG: Well as the daughter of a feminist columnist [Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Ellen Goodman] there was no hope for me. Feminist and political from birth. But it's not just her, it's the whole family. Her father ran for Congress, and my great uncle Mike marched with MLK. So, it was either become a liberal activist or something totally rebelling like a narcissistic actress. So, um, I did both. In seriousness, my husband Soren Kisiel and I have been writing a new Broad Comedy show every year for 17 years now, so it began with Bush inspiring us. What's depressing is some of our old stuff is new again. So, it's like "...and once more! With feeling!"

GSJ: How do you find other talented women to be part if this show? 

KG: We auditioned 250 women in NYC and it was one of the great joys of moving to New York. The number of smart talented women is staggering. It was days and days of callbacks and even a coffee with each of the finalists to make sure we could all go on tour in a small van together. And spend an hour in a small New York green room filled with large anatomical props and costumes crowding us. I also am lucky to have the hilarious redhead Molly Kelleher who was in my Boston cast from 10 years ago, still on board. She has been my rock. We are so lucky to have had so much talent around us. So far, no divorces. Or murders.

GSJ: Have you seen a change in the tone of comedy since the election?

KG: Well, there was that one week. Picture crying on airplanes on tour, rewriting as we flew around on tour just days after the election. That was dreary. And then there was two months of trying to figure out if there was anything funny. Which there was, but there was also this sinking depression and anxiety from all the comedian friends we have. All of us just waking up like, "Did that actually happen? And how the hell am I going to make any difference as a comedian??" And then there was the Googling of monasteries and countries to move to. But once we came out of that, like everybody else, we just got back to work, only we tried to point out irony and social injustice while other people did actual things that help the world directly like running non-profit organizations and selling solar panels. But as for the tone, there are more political comedy sets out there right now than perhaps ever. And as for what we can say? I think a lot of us are like, NOTHING is off-limits, even just full-on making fun of our president because what they are doing is so over the line in so many ways, that we can't not speak up. There was a moment when we thought, wow can we say that? About the President of the United States? But when you see things like Spicer and the gas-attacks comments or Trump owning stock in the company that makes Tomahawk missiles... well, I think we can say that to not speak up about that as comedians is immoral.

GSJ: You have quite a few really funny YouTube videos, what tends to be your inspiration  for them and how long does it take to put them together from inception to uploading? 

KG: Thank you! Each one comes about differently. Some ideas we get over night from an article in the paper or from an idea that came to us during dinner with friends (we used to have a million napkins with ideas on them, now we text ourselves ideas) and just run to the studio the next day to shoot. Some take weeks of planning. We write about both about the political and the personal, and the intersection of both sometimes, so we need to pay attention to news, but also to our lives as parents and our friends' lives. I get to write-off lunch with friends because literally half of my ideas come from chatting about life and the world. Sometimes Soren will have a great idea and write up a chorus and send me the words with him singing into a text "something like dum da dee dum" and I'll try to decipher what he's thinking and work up some music. Other times, I'll have a song and write a terrible first draft where I get the jokes in but the overarching idea isn't clear and he'll sort it out brilliantly. I've only every written one song totally alone and that was a surprise love song I wrote for him called "Astonished" that I premiered in front of 700 people when he was running lights in the back. He almost had a heart attack because he didn't know it was coming. I almost had a heart attack because I was so nervous."

GSJ: Where does Broad Comedy go next?

KG: That is a good question. We hope to extend our Off-Broadway run. Already we tour to colleges, women's health fundraisers, and theatres. We would love to move into TV of course. We shall see... it depends on who really gets what we do. We have a big following but it's not going to be on the CW. I mean, at times we are wearing giant vagina headdresses...

GSJ: What's up next for you? 

KG: My new CD just came out so I am focused on sharing (that's code for "promoting") that. I tour my solo show of satirical songs and I honestly just want to keep doing what I'm doing. I love it. TV, film, good parts would be icing on the cake -- I was an actress for 15 years in theatre before I did comedy -- so I'd like to get back to actual normal acting, but really, I just adore delivering my own material so much. And I love my cast. So, yeah, pretty happy right now. You know, I mean, besides the little problem of the world imploding. But we're working on that. And just doing the only thing we know how. Comedy keeps us sane. Or mostly.


After each show there will be a talk-back and the lineup includes NPR's "Ask Me Another” comedian Ophira Eisenberg, Pulitzer Prize-winning feminist columnist Ellen Goodman, comedian and host of Sirius XM's "Tell Me Everything" John Fugelsang, broadcast journalist and author Lynn Sherr, founder and publisher of  "Women & Hollywood" Melissa Silverstein, Jezebel and Salon’ Prachi Gupta and’s Liz Plank.

Broad Comedy has been called Los Angeles Times Best Bet, winner of Best of the Vancouver Fringe Festival, "Laugh-out-loud, knee-slapping, roll in the aisles funny… well worth putting on your ‘must see' list… side-splitting, provocative, and politically pointed lunacy." –The Vibe, Los Angeles; "Exuberant! Colossal entertainment value, induced by the joyously vulgar, smart writing and skillfully executed showmanship. Katie Goodman is a multi-talented, femme-extraordinaire!" –Los Angeles Examiner; "If this irreverent, giddy, snarky, perky collage of satire, sketch comedy, and cheerleading doesn't make you laugh, then either you are incapable of laughter, or you are Dick Cheney. Or, of course, both." –The Boston Globe; “Fierce, female, fabulous and funny!” -Eve Ensler; “Broad Comedy will help you laugh at the bastards -- thus lengthening your life and shortening theirs.”   -Gloria Steinem


Katie Goodman’s Broad Comedy

April 20-22 at 8pm

Soho Playhouse is located at 15 Vandam Street

Tickets are $39 can be purchased by visiting

For more information on Broad City, please visit


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