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May 04, 2012

Obama, Witherspoon earn top mom honors

DALLAS (UPI) -- U.S. first lady Michelle Obama and actress Reese Witherspoon have been named International Mothers of the Year for 2012, organizers said Wednesday.

Also enshrined in the Hall of Fame this year are Victoria Beckham, a singer and fashion designer; Lisa Belkin, a Huffington Post journalist; Stephanie Decker, an Indiana housewife and tornado survivor; Betty DeGeneres, author, activist and mother of talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres; Meredith Olafson, a North Dakota nurse and surrogate mother; Holly Robinson Peete, an actress and television host; Ann Romney, philanthropist and wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney; and Summer Sanders, an Olympic medalist.

The International Mothers Hall of Fame is a 45-year-old Texas non-profit that describes itself as being dedicated to "increasing respect and recognition for the first -- and often the most powerful -- influence of our lives."

Comments :


Yes, society can move beynod stigmas that surround non-traditional families and they can become socially acceptable. Just because something is or becomes socially acceptable doesn't automatically make it right. Pre-marital sex has become socially acceptable and even encouraged by some, but I would say that it is not the right thing to engage in.The video you included does a great job of showing that a person can develop just fine as a child of a homosexual couple. There are great people that have been the product of divorced parents as well. I hope and pray that my daughter grows to become an amazing woman. Just because a person can develop well out of broken situation does not mean the broken situations should be encouraged.You weren't basing your discussion on the biblical definition of the family, and I understand that. I am. Should non Christians and the government consistently line up with the Bible? I would like them to, but I don't expect it. I do however get frustrated when other Christians get into arguments with them about Biblical values. Sharing your values with someone is one thing. Beating people over the head with the Bible when they don't want to listen is entirely different and I don't agree with that.I also think that Christians should not have to sacrifice their beliefs and convictions just because society is headed further from their values.


I don't understand how you cesoidnr it a sacrifice that straight Christians have to make. Sure, if you are gay and a Christian, then getting married might be a huge moral dilemma for you. But if you are a straight Christian, then what are you sacrificing by accepting gay people (who may not be Christian) getting married?There is no sacrifice on your part whatsoever.And as far as my point about interracial children, society realized that it wasn't horrible like everyone thought it would be. I think the same thing is already happening with the children of gay parents. I get that there are some things developing in modern society that might not be great, but meeting these new things without an open mind is a definite way to make sure that no positive societal progress is ever made.Also, I really don't understand how you can call a gay marriage a broken situation . Love, respect, and commitment are essential to a marriage, right? I'm not married, but I would say those things are what marriage is all about.If those 3 things are upheld by both people, then how can any marriage be cesoidnred a broken situation?


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