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May 15, 2012

Lord's Resistance Army 'big fish' captured

BANGUI, Central African Republic (UPI) -- A top lieutenant of the Lord's Resistance Army, known for its attacks on civilians and use of child soldiers, has been captured, Ugandan officials said.

Commanders presented Caesar Achellam to the media after his capture in what officials described as a weekend raid in the Central African Republic, one of several African Union nations committed to tracking down LRA leader Joseph Kony, wanted for war crimes by an international tribunal, CNN reported Monday.

"This is a big fish," said Col. Felix Kulayigye, Ugandan military spokesman. "For Caesar to be in our hands, it is a big statement as far as our efforts to end this rebellion."

Achellam told reporters he hoped his capture would encourage "my people remaining in the brush" to surrender to authorities, "so that sooner maybe the war would come to an end."

Kony is accused of using brutal tactics to recruit children to be soldiers and sex slaves, and of cutting off ears, noses and limbs of his victims. After leading a failed coup attempt against the Ugandan government, he was pushed out of the country in 2006 and has been on the move in other countries in the region since.

Achellam, who led the LRA's military intelligence, was captured with his wife, a daughter and an aide, New Vision reported.

The capture was made after a visit to the Central African Republic by Abou Moussa, the U.N. special representative for Central Africa, the Kampala, Uganda, newspaper said.

Moussa said Kony switches locations almost daily.

"People who have defected have provided information on his state of mind. Kony is no longer very, very stable," Moussa said.

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Every political party would try to proectt their ruling using all sorts of methods available for them after they obtain their power by elections. If they turn to using undemocrartic methods because of any reason, bad luck! Normal citizens will either have to live under dictatorship or to rebel.


Maybe part of our problem is rugegd individualism. We're told it is up to you singular to change the world. And what a burden that is, because to change the world alone, we first have to bestride it like a Colossus or else be small and petty, destined for dishonourable graves . Today on TV I saw a remarkable creature of the deep, called a Sea Pen; made up of thousands of tiny individuals. It anchors itself on the sea floor, it reaches out to the flowing currents for nourishment, it spreads itself out and folds itself up, sinking back into the sand. Somehow, each tiny individual knows what to do, some tiny thing in its tiny space, to make the whole thing work. Addie: what you do is not small'. I think your posts are an anchor to more people than you know Hardly a day goes by when your words from an ocean and a continent away, do not make a difference for me; and I share them often with those I love. In these ripples of connection, and of difference, the Kingdom unfurls, the currents flow, and the world can be changed.


Addie,It bothers me at times when I day dream of being a hero. For I know full well doing soteihmng courageous or difficult to be a real hero might actually be easier than doing the mundane and the minutiae day in and day out without knowing the true effect of it all. I often ask myself If God put me on this rock for only one thing; for example if I was only here to help move one person closer to accepting Him would I be ok with that? If I am only here to encourage others without anyone knowing can I do that. Then I ask why would I not be ok with that. Should I not desire to do that which God wants me to do when He wants me to do it regardless even if I feel it is all so insignificant.One of my favorite all time quotes that I know is so true helps me to beat down the hero complex that grips me and this is it: Sometimes when I consider what tremendous consequences come from little things I am tempted to think there are no little things. Bruce Barton [url=]gzmsaufotza[/url] [link=]dcaqkxusvt[/link]


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