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July 08, 2016

Liberty: A New Monumental Musical Takes Manhattan This June: Q & A with the Shows Creators

(L to R) Vincent McCoy, Nick Devito, Ryan Duncan, C. Mingo Long, Abigail Shapiro, Brandon Andrus, Emma Rosenthal and Tina Stafford (Photo by Russ Rowland)

This June is National Immigration Month, an appropriate month for the new musical Liberty to return to New York City. The musical is “Based on true events, Liberty is an entertaining 80-minute theatrical experience telling the story of a young French immigrant who arrives in New York Harbor in 1884. Coming to the United States in the middle of a national immigration debate and a terrible recession, political forces are aligning to deport her. With a strong resolve and a mighty spirit, she battles to gain acceptance and eventually becomes a lasting symbol of the young country.”

The show is written by brother/sister team Jon Goldstein and Dana Leslie Goldstein, Garden State Journal had a chance to speak to the duo to find out where the inspiration for a Statue of Liberty as they bring their show to NY’s 42nd Street beginning June 6.

GSJ: How would you describe Liberty, A Monumental New Musical?

Jon Goldstein:       LIBERTY tells the story of our most famous immigrant. It is a fun, fast-paced, pop-infused musical that the whole family can enjoy.

Dana Leslie Goldstein:    Not too long after 9/11, when we were first developing LIBERTY, the magazine Big Apple Parent described the show as “a poignant reminder of everything for which we should be thankful.”  I love that.  But it’s also a human story.  An immigrant girl travels alone from France and reaches a country where there’s a recession and lots of anti-immigrant sentiment.  A country that just fought a civil war.  She has enormous dreams.  She’s going to heal rifts, welcome the huddled masses and become a symbol of hope for generations to come.  But it’s a role she has to grow into.

GSJ: What was your inspiration for writing this piece?

DLS:   I was asked by a NY theater company to write a show about Emma Lazarus, the poet who wrote the beautiful poem that describes the imagined words of the Statue of Liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”  In collaboration with my brother (composer Jon Goldstein) and my husband (actor/director Robert Bruce McIntosh), this too-serious play became an entertaining musical, and the inanimate statue became the title character Liberty, who is herself the embodiment of the immigrant dream.

JG:     I had been playing shows regularly as a singer/songwriter when I learned I was going to become a father. I decided to put my performing dreams on hold so I could focus on a new baby. And for a while, I found myself somewhat sad about the uncertainty of my future. One-day, Dana shared that she was considering writing a new play about Emma Lazarus and immigration. I suggested making it a musical, and that the Statue of Liberty could be a character in the show. Within a week we had two songs written, one of which is still in the show (We Had it Worse), and I found a new calling as a theatrical composer, which rejuvenated my enthusiasm for music and gave me a purpose that was much more significant than just being a “rock star.”

GSJ: How long has it taken you to write it and did the project change form when you first started?

JG:     We put one year into the first version of the show, Lady of Copper, which was a 45-minute educational show designed to tour to elementary schools, and quickly started booking gigs on Long Island and in Brooklyn. The show did not change much for a few years, traveling to schools, I was the stage manager for the show as well as “the pit,” playing guitar for all the show dates. We’d performed hundreds of gigs by the time producers came along asking us to develop it into a full-length family musical. That was when LIBERTY was born.

DLS:   We began working on Lady of Copper, the first incarnation of LIBERTY, about eighteen years ago.  Lady of Copper is a 45-minute educational musical that we’ve toured to schools and theaters all over the East coast.  After 9/11, when (among other things) school groups could no longer visit the Statue of Liberty on a field trip, we’d bring the field trip to the students.  Although the material was curriculum-based, adults would repeatedly tell us that they’d been moved to tears and learned things themselves.  It became clear that the show had multi-generational appeal.  We began to develop it into a full-length family musical, deepening the characterizations and plot lines, introducing an antagonist, Francis Walker, who is based on a very real anti-immigrant bureaucrat of the period.  I was careful to make his arguments grounded and reasonable, but the most virulent things he says in LIBERTY are his actual quotes. 

Now the show not only makes you think and feel, but is appropriate for everyone.  My ideal audience group, however, is a family that spans generations.  I would love it if seeing LIBERTY together prompted a grandparent and grandchild to talk about their family’s history, how they got here, what kind of strength and sacrifice it took, and what the American dream has meant for them.

GSJ: Do you think being brother and sister made it easier to write this piece or more difficult?

JG:     Both. Writing the show brought us closer together. We saw much more of each other and shared more quality time in addition to work time. At times though, it can be difficult to shut off “work-mode.” No one else in the family wants to hear us battling over lyric changes while they are trying to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

GSJ: Did you make up plays as kids?

JG:     We made up plays regularly, and often games we played involved elaborate, albeit ridiculous, story lines. One show in particular I remember was the story of the Wright Brother’s first flight, which might possibly have been our first foray into historical theatre.

DLS:   My first play was a short piece that I wrote for the television program “ZOOM” when I was about eight.  It was televised, and I was paid $5.  I still have the letter, but I spent the $5.  I also “wrote” a largely improvised play that my friends and I put on for the fourth grade in my elementary school.  Thankfully, none of it survives.  Also, as children, Jon and I regularly put on shows in our basement.  We enlisted our friends, or the dog, or whoever was around.  We even made tickets and gave comps to our parents.  This did not always ensure that our parents attended. 

GSJ: Does being musical run in the family?

DLS:   Being musical runs in half of our family.  Our mother’s side includes cantors, singers, sight-readers, and Jon inherited all of that talent.  I remember thinking it was magic when as a child he could play a song on the piano after hearing it sung once.  I, on the other hand, am very much a word person.  When it comes to music, I know what I want something to sound like, but I can’t reproduce it.  I take after the half of the family that shouldn’t sing out loud.

JG:     We have a few musicians in our ancestry, including a cantor and a choir director, but they died before we were born. There was not much music shared by our parents, however, Dana made sure to introduce me to classic-rock (WPLJ was it in the 70s!) and later, New Wave (WLIR in the 80s!). According to Dana, knowing every hit song would ensure that I would be in with the “cool kids.” I’m not sure that was true, but I loved music, memorized lyrics and melodies quickly, knew every song on the radio just by hearing the first note or two.

GSJ: Have you worked on other projects together?

DLS:   Enough for All: Native Americans and the First Shared Thanksgiving is a show of ours that we toured for several years to East coast schools and theaters.  While we were actively touring it, we’d book every day in November with multiple performances.  One of my favorite things about this musical is that the cast is comprised of five actors, some of whom are of Native American descent, but all the actors play multiple roles, both as indigenous Americans and European settlers.  Our deliberate casting is thematically relevant to the message of the show.  Enough for All has book & lyrics by me, and music (as well as an ingenious touring set design that included a boat with sails that weathered a terrible storm on its way to America) by my brother.

In addition, This Year in Jerusalem is a short play with songs (book & lyrics by me, music by Jon).  It tells the story of a cabaret singer going through a divorce and reconciliation, with scenes that include her performances.

GSJ: With immigration so front and center, what do you hope an audience will take away from the show?

JG: I don’t intend to push an agenda for or against immigration. I want people to see the show and enjoy it. If it results in them questioning their own beliefs and the rhetoric on both sides of the immigration issue, then our work is done.

DLS:   I’d really like the show to be a conversation starter.  I want it to be entertaining and enjoyable, and it is a lot of fun.  But I also want it to be the catalyst for children to ask questions about their families, for adults to think about who we are as a people, and for everyone to realize that history has much to teach and reveal about today.

GSJ: The show was done downtown, has anything changed from that production?

JG:     A role that was written for a child has been changed to be played by an adult, other than that, only minor line changes here and there. The biggest transformation will be the visual imagery. We now have a full-stage LED video screen available to us, which ensures that there will be very cool imagery during the show.

DLS:   We’ve tightened it up, moved a few things around, cut a song, all the things that shows get a chance to do when they have the opportunity to remount.  We also changed the concept for one of the characters.  Giovanni Ferro, who is a newly arrived Italian immigrant and street urchin, used to be a child who Emma Lazarus was teaching English.  The character is now a teenager, a little more streetwise, and there is some unexpected chemistry between him and Emma as she tutors him, and as he grows into a young man who will eventually work for the newspaper magnate Joseph Pulitzer.

GSJ: Why should someone see this show?

JG: LIBERTY is a bold statement about America that will make you proud to be part of this great political experiment. You’ll enjoy a funny, heart-felt show with musical performances that will knock your socks off!

GSJ: What was the most interesting thing you learned about Lady Liberty while writing this piece?

JG:     It is incredible to me that President Grover Cleveland vetoed the funding for Liberty’s pedestal, and that the people came together to raise the money, poor people gave their pennies, nickels and dimes to make the dream a reality.

DLS:   Back when LIBERTY was Lady of Copper, there was a very funny duet called “Turn Green”.  In this song, the friendship between Liberty and Emma Lazarus is built.  At one point, Liberty is mentioning all the things that are unique and larger than life about her, which includes the line “Not to mention that my chest is 35-feet wide!”  Now obviously that’s not true of the actress, but it really is true of the Statue of Liberty! 

Seriously, though, I was shocked and intrigued to learn that when the statue first arrived in America, she was largely unwanted.  The president actually vetoed her funding.  She was seen as unnecessary, almost a burden, since the U.S. would have to provide a pedestal for her to stand on.  It took the ingenuity, foresight and artistry of people like Joseph Pulitzer and Emma Lazarus to get the public on board.  Donations as tiny as a few cents were accepted from all over the country, so that Liberty really was raised to the height she deserved by the American people, not the government.  It’s a very early example of crowdfunding!

GSJ: I understand there are a few similarities with the hit musical Hamilton?

JG:     Both shows bring current popular music to a historical piece. While HAMILTON borrows from Hip-Hop, LIBERTY puts Pop and Rock front-and-center!

GSJ: I understand there are a few similarities with the hit musical Hamilton?

DLS:   Oh boy…  Where to start…  The most obvious similarity is that LIBERTY and Hamilton are both ostensibly about history, but both find their own way of making that history relevant, accessible and exciting. 

In addition, one of the major characters in LIBERTY is Regina Schuyler (pronounced Sky-ler), which should be a familiar name to those who know Hamilton.  The Schuyler sisters in Hamilton are Angelica, Eliza and Peggy.  Eliza becomes Mrs. Alexander Hamilton, and her granddaughter is Georgina Schuyler, who is mentioned in LIBERTY and who actually was a close friend of Emma Lazarus.  Georgina was responsible for finding Emma’s now famous poem after Emma’s death and having it placed at the Statue of Liberty.  I’ve created the character of Regina Schuyler, who is an archconservative and supporter of Francis Walker, LIBERTY’s antagonist.  She is (in our version) Georgina’s aunt, and mentions both her grandfather Alexander Hamilton (she’s a name-dropper) and her niece in the show. 

Also, back when we were producing Lady of Copper, before LIBERTY existed, we did the show with a cast of five, and everyone played many roles.  The same actor who played Samuel Ferguson, a stonemason who was also an escaped slave (a character who is still in LIBERTY), also played President Grover Cleveland (a character who does not appear in LIBERTY).  Years before Obama’s presidency, we were happy to make a subtle statement by having an African American actor play a president.  Of course, Hamilton has an extremely diverse cast who play multiple roles, among them several presidents.

Finally, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton’s author and star, is a graduate of Wesleyan University in Connecticut.  That is also my alma mater, and my work is often inspired by what I learned or experienced there.

GSJ: Who should see LIBERTY?

DLS:   Everyone!  They don’t even have to be American!

JG:     LIBERTY is a show for adults that children will also enjoy. Anyone who wants to know more about the statue, her meaning, and her struggle to find a home in America will enjoy LIBERTY.

GSJ: What other projects do you have coming up?

JG:     I just recorded a new CD of original songs, entitled THE WRECKAGE – official release date is July 23. I’m also developing a new musical, ROCKED, a comedy about a band of close friends who get their big break in the music business just as they are facing the launch of a completely different kind of life-transforming experience. The five-person cast is also the on-stage orchestra for the show.

DLS:   My new play Go Down, Moses will have public readings in New York City on June 23rd – 25th.  The play tackles the aftermath of a racially charged incident that takes place on a very liberal college campus, at a time when university students were rallying for divestment from South Africa but weren’t focused on the racism around them. 

My musical CYCLONE (book & lyrics by me, music by the brilliant Rima Fand) is being developed by the WorkShop Theater Company.  CYCLONE tells the story of a woman comic book author torn between her contemporary surroundings and the seductive comic book world she is creating: Coney Island of the 1920’s.  The show uses projections of comic book panels and other technology to evoke her imagined comic book world.

The LIBERTY cast album is available through, iTunes and on Amazon.

Liberty: A Monumental New Musical

Book and lyrics by Dana Leslie Goldstein; Music by Jon Goldstein; Directed by Evan Pappas

Begins performances on June 6, 2016

Performances schedule:

June 6 - July 3: Monday and Friday at 12pm & 3pm

After July 4:  Monday; Tuesday; Thursday & Friday at 12pm at 3pm

Tickets are $72/$36 (Premium/ Child Premium); $63 (Adult); $27 (Children 4 - 12) and can be purchased by calling 1.866.811.4111 or visiting

Playing at 42West (514 West 42nd Street)


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Are you trying to find a great online regulation school? Before you decide to register to have an online regulation course it'll do a person good to complete some personal assessment through asking a few basic questions for you, so that the decision happens to be the correct one. The very first question you need to answer is actually whether on the internet education, whether it is law or every other course, is the correct one for a person.

Today may be the first day time of springtime. Whether you're still hidden in snowfall, freezing temperatures and therefore are expecting another snowstorm (once we are) or even your daffodils are appearing and colour is almost everywhere, it is time for you to review as well as update your own spring clothing in expectation of a lot warmer weather in the future.

The Home based business industry is really a multi-billion buck industry, but unfortunately most people (a lot more than 95%) in no way achieve any degree of success by using it. Why? Simply because they don't understand the 6 secrets to home based business success, plus they give upward before these people see outcomes.

Are you trying to find a journey agency school which will teach a person all you should know about beginning a journey agency and being a travel broker? Is the actual intrigue as well as romance from the travel company fascinating for you? Can't you simply picture your self basking within the culture as well as fine cuisine of the faraway land that you have only imagined traveling in order to?

It's the fashionista's most detrimental experience, a whole lot worse than searching oversize pal, more degrading compared to wearing exactly the same dress within another celebration -- it is the fear associated with symbolizing searching yesteryear style trend design. Sometimes, fashion trends is recognized as as trends, are disreputably inconsistent.

The lovemaking health associated with men isn't as complex as which of ladies. Show a guy a certain kind of image and when his mind and anxious system will work properly to create nitric oxide, a response will often occur.

A lawful practitioner within India can focus on any specific section of Indian regulation, such because labor regulation, tax regulation, constitutional regulation, corporate regulation and loved ones laws, simply to mention several. Corporate regulation mainly adjusts the development and procedures of company organizations, businesses, corporate houses along with other commercial methods.

Online Buying is today probably the most convenient as well as exciting method of shopping. It suits every earnings group and for that reason has a broad customer bottom. It enables customers to purchase goods as well as services through sellers or even merchants online. Many individuals find this probably the most relaxed type of shopping, much more from the ease of their house.

Why it is necessary for you to definitely know, understand as well as follow the actual 10 total steps towards the home purchasing process in many states. Are you aware as a house buyer you may also receive deposit assistance as much as $19, 000 which never needs to be paid back again or you will get a house buyers cash return rebate from closing to assist with the actual purchase of your house or with regard to anything you intend to use the money for?

Let us face this, getting travel cover could be a very mind-boggling and tiresome process, which makes it easy to place off as well as forget completely. But prior to you heading off in your international experience, you may want to consider obtaining coverage via some travel cover, just to become on the actual safe aspect. Here's just a little guide to assist get a person started.

Fashion developments quickly arrive and proceed and if you value being fashionable, having the fashion design inspiration is really as important because eating your own breakfast. It's the best thing that technologies has just managed to get very possible for us to understand when, exactly where, and ways to get hold from the latest style trends & ideas.

As every small business operator probably understands, repeat clients help generate the revenue margin associated with any company. In today's business community, it is actually hard to obtain customers as well as harder still to maintain them. Business credibility may be the major device which assists any business to maintain customers and also to make this kind of customers loyal towards the brand.

Inside a major government intrusion in to long-settled, obvious, and reasonable California condition law, Obama and also the democratically-controlled Our elected representatives passed the actual beneficently-titled "Protecting Tenants From Foreclosure Act" authorized into regulation by Leader Obama upon May 20, '09. As with most of the grandiosely called federal laws and regulations, this 1 too includes a truth within labeling issue.

When you are searching for a collision repair center that will excellent function, price is really a factor inside your decision, but shouldn't be your just concern. Quality isn't cheap, and in buying a entire body shop, you need to balance paying the best price along with excellent craftsmanship.

Purchasing your own first home is definitely an exciting period and shifting from tenant to house owner presents more information on significant long-term advantages. Yet, there are many thoughts as well as fears numerous have when it comes to buying their own first house.

In numerous ways what sustainable as well as fashion do not really sit down together nicely. I possess heard environmentally friendly fashion referred to as both oxymoronic along with a contradiction as well as perhaps this holds true. Is it possible for that fashion industry being sustainable?

Motor finance has turn out to be big company. A large numbers of brand new and car or truck buyers in the united kingdom are producing their automobile purchase upon finance of some kind, and lots of people choose to set up it with the dealership. So what must you know regarding financing your vehicle from the actual dealer?

Up to now, traditional worldwide law doesn't consider human being environmental rights to some clean as well as healthy environment to become a jus cogens human being right. Jus cogens ("compelling law") describes preemptory lawful principles as well as norms which are binding upon all worldwide States, no matter their permission.

Security is really a major factor that you ought to enjoy -- as well as invest a great deal of money from -- in your house. Affordable as well as basic protection systems in your house can assist in keeping your loved ones safe as well as peacefully sleeping through the night.

After Globe War 2 the center classes empty bus travel in support of travel through private car. Today the majority of Americans journey by coach or airplane when task long-distance moves. High gasoline prices possess boosted coach travel following decades associated with decline.

Changing hair style down the road is no easy decision to create. You is going to be frought with concern with needing to understand if you will be doing the best thing. Well an easy techniques could make the process much easier to cope with. Here all of us discuss methods in ways to make the best decision when it comes to a alter or total make more than.

It was previously that trying to get business cash for any smaller company was pretty straightforward. You'd visit your nearby friendly bank and discuss your company needs. You'd discuss that which you needed plus they would assist with financing a company loan -- yours, to become exact.

Washington is among the magnificent states in the usa of The united states. This state is definitely an extra ordinary spot to work. This location is well-known for providing a great working situation to it's employees. The work and work law with this place helps to ensure that no injustice is performed with the actual employees. These laws and regulations also look after the operating conditions which are being provided towards the employees.

Remodeling your house is definitely an overwhelming prospective client - Where do a person start? If you're just a little hesitant to make the leap into a complete scale redesigning project, you may still find many methods for you to make an enormous impact about the comfort, appear, and feel of your house without breaking the financial institution.

Travel healthcare professionals are healthcare professionals who go different areas for short-term operating assignments. Travel healthcare professionals often work with hospitals, physicians offices, and within the medical management field.

You will discover all types and designs of style blogs since the internet is filled with them. It can discuss the benefit of wearing thin jeans more than boyfriend denim jeans or exactly how pink takes the area of dark plus all of the extras. While you go on the internet, you can get your fill from the latest popular trends by way of fashion weblogs.

I want to share along with you some electric contractor company ideas. I is going to be sharing ideas that you might want to think about if you're currently running a business as an electric contractor. Or should you plan ongoing into business later on.

Everyone must go buying, but the ways people decide to shop have grown to be very varied in the last few years. The increase of web shopping offers seen buying trips getting less of the social activity and much more of the solo activity, as we start to do the shopping in the comfort in our own house, via the web. But that does not need to be the situation.

Many purchasers of South west Florida homes wish to enjoy the house now, but additionally rent the house seasonally in order to offset costs. It's a great strategy whether you are thinking about a single home in the region, or an apartment purchase. Here tend to be top points to consider before buying in the area.

The impartial traveler abides with a philosophy much like Taoism (which means "way, inch or "path"). This enables the impartial traveler to savor a freedom that is rare. Rather than needing much more, the impartial traveler requirements less. Independent travelers realize that by departing things behind you are able to take the planet with a person.


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