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June 13, 2012

Israel starts rounding up African illegals

There are about 60,000 illegal African immigrants currently living in Israel. (UPI/Kevin Dietsch)

TEL AVIV, Israel (UPI) -- Some 140 illegal African immigrants have been arrested by Israeli authorities and will be deported following a Jerusalem court ruling, officials said Tuesday.

Israel's Population, Immigration and Borders Authority said some 140 illegals have been arrested so far this week as part of Operation Going Home, The Jerusalem Post said.

The majority of those arrested in Tel Aviv, Eilat, Arad and other Israeli cities are from South Sudan, with others from Nigeria, the Ivory Coast and Ghana, the daily said.

Sharon Harel, Israel's representative to the United Nations Refugee Agency, told Israel Radio South Sudanese residents can be deported as long as they are given the opportunity to make asylum claims.

Last week the Jerusalem District Court rejected a petition by human rights groups to bar the expulsion of South Sudanese, saying there was no evidence to indicate their lives would be in danger if they returned home.

Channel 10 television reported Sunday those arrested were asked to sign a form agreeing to leave and will remain free until their flight home. Those who refused to sign were taken to detention centers. The illegals are given a sum of money and a free airline ticket to their homeland, the report said.

The first flight to South Sudan is expected Sunday, Maariv said.

An estimated 60,000 Africans have entered Israel illegally, the Times of Israel said.

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