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May 14, 2012

Israel could limit power exports to Gaza

The Gaza Strip will be the first to be cut from electricity if potential power shortages occur. (UPI/Ismael Mohamad)

JERUSALEM (UPI) -- An Israeli Cabinet member Sunday said the Gaza Strip should have to go without electricity this summer if warnings of potential power shortages come to pass.

Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan said on Army Radio that Gaza has its own power plants and it would be "absurd" for Israel to continue exporting electricity to the area at the same time Israel could be facing blackouts.

"As the Environmental Protection Ministry is warning against a possible 'electricity drought,' steps are being made to counter it, including possible stops of service," Erdan said. "There is no question … Gaza first."

Israel exports about 4 percent of the power it produces into Gaza, which Erdan said would be enough to cover any potential shortages inside Israel this summer.

Even though Israel and Gaza have officially "disengaged" their affairs, Erdan said there were still potential legal ramifications over pulling the plug on exports to Gaza. Erdan said cutting exports would be as a result of need rather than a "collective punishment" of Gaza's sweltering civilian population.

Haaretz said Erdan blasted the Hamas government in Gaza for allegedly punishing its own population by cutting off power to some civilians while keeping the lights on in areas where it enjoys higher levels of political support.

Meanwhile, Israel's energy minister called for an increase in rooftop solar capacity of 30 megawatts to help relieve the strain on Israel's power plants, The Jerusalem Post said.

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Admal, it is a hell of a lot better tntaemert than Hamas gives Israel, that's what it is! And, in fact, it's better than Hamas gives the people of Gaza.Admal, find some facts to help you truly understand the situation. Israel treats the people of Gaza as well as they will allow. They seek medical tntaemert in Israel, Israel furnishes water and electricity. Israel and only Israel opens the crossings to allow transportation in and out, humanitarian aid in, and Palestinians to travel and to work in Israel. It is not perfect. I have a Palestinian friend who has helped me understand how imperfect the situation really is. As long as there is the threat of terrorism, it cannot be made much better. Israel, along with many nations, send aid, a huge amount of aid and money to Gaza, and Hamas leaders use the money for themselves and for weapons.The people of Israel have tried to find peace with their neighbors, but time and again, the leaders of the Palestinian people have chosen conflict over peace. Go read some of the peace offers and I bet that you will truly be surprised.Find out about the history of the region. There was no Palestine that the Jews took. The land had been in other hands for a long, long time=== most recently (prior to 1948) in the hands of the British.I think that Israel has to draw a line. NO country can allow rockets to be sent in day in and day out into their country, targeting the children and innocent people. No country does allow it, and none should.No one is trying to hold them back. Education and economic initiatives have been in place, only disrupted by violence on the part of the Palestinians, to try to help the people.Recently, the Israelis left Gaza as a step toward helping them build their own country. This was misinterpreted by the Palestinians. They celebrated kicking them out instead of seeing the spirit of goodwill in this action. The Palestinians then began targeting civilians, kids on buses, people eating in restaurants, folks having coffee in cafes this is what Israel got in turn for the goodwill and opportunities for peace.Admal, you seem very intelligent. Don't read from a few sources, try to get a true picture, research for yourself. I think you may have a different view if you do. Truly.


, and won't argue the things on which we don't agree. What we have to deal with now is the raelity that we have, and it seems to me that the land could be shared and that new relationships could be formed. The land could be creatively divided, initiatives could be made that would improve the lives of everyone, and the hostilities could be replaced by at the very least, neutral feelings until genuine kind regard could grow.No some people are evil. I am thinking of the criminals in the US that positively are evil to the core. I think that terrorism is evil. We all have the capability to feel hatred and love is a little harder to maintain and nurture. We should work on those positive feelings that we have for each other. You and I, Admal, could bicker about this and argue but I'd rather focus our thoughts on what could possibly be done to help this drastic situation. I have tried to think of something but could not come up with anything. After the terrorist attacks in India, a rabbi spoke of the damage that 12 terrorists could do and he urged us all to avoid hatred and to focus on what positive things could be done instead. It is easier to destroy than to build unfortunately. I have a friend from the West Bank and we tried to think of something, but the task seems huge.I am no fan of the former British Empire, and I am well aware of the damage to the world that was caused. That is history, however, and we have to deal with what we have now. I was going to try to watch Lawrence of Arabia, but I cannot tolerate violence and so did not attempt it. I managed to get through Exodus, but barely. Violence makes me ill.Hey, check out Good Neighbors ( Be gentle with the commentors and posters there, be aware that we are all trying to share our perspectives, these are emotional issues, and that arguing is usually not productive. Sharing is, and we do often, very often, disagree, but maintain cordial relationships anyway, trying to build those friendships which are so necessary in this world.


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