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April 25, 2012

Hollande seeks to woo far-right voters

French Socialist presidential candidate Francois Hollande. (UPI/David Silpa)

PARIS (UPI) -- French Socialist presidential candidate Francois Hollande said he'll seek to woo voters who cast ballots for the far-right candidate in the first round.

Hollande, in an interview published Tuesday in the left-leaning Liberation daily, spoke of his strategy to win over those who voted for National Front candidate Marine Le Pen, France 24 reported.

"There is a part of Le Pen electorate that comes from the left … who are against privilege, against globalization, against a Europe that doesn't work. It's up to me to convince them that it is the left that will defend them," Hollande said.

Hollande spoke of National Front voters in a "suffering electorate, made up of low-paid workers, manual staff and workers who feel like they've been abandoned."

Hollande won by a slimmer margin than predicted Sunday, capturing 28.63 percent of votes to 27.18 percent for French President Nicolas Sarkozy and 17.9 percent for Le Pen, a record for her anti-immigration party.

France 24 said polls this week showed 45 percent-60 percent of those who voted for Le Pen would vote for Sarkozy in the runoff, while 18 percent-20 percent of those who voted for her would cast ballots for Hollande. Radio France Internationale reported Sarkozy would need about 80 percent of the FN vote to win re-election.

Sarkozy has called for three debates before the second round instead of the traditional one debate.

In a speech after results were released Sunday, Sarkozy tried to tap into the concerns of right-wing voters, Radio France Internationale reported.

"These anxieties, this suffering, I know them, I understand them," Sarkozy said. "They are about respecting our borders, the determined fight against job relocation, controlling immigration, putting value on work, on security."

Comments :


So, France may well ditch the rightie with the trhpoy wife, and elect Frane7ois Ge9rard Georges Hollande, an actual, real SOCIALIST!!!OY!Now we'll be forced to relive the very apex of the stupid Baby Doc Bush years, where you couldn't order or do things that were at all associated with France, since that country didn't want to join in in W's Folly. And when/if things improve in France, I'm sure their righties will give all credit to Sarkozy.And if things get worse, it'll be the fault of the Socialists, and their allies, the angry Moooooooooooslims of France.So, you had to get Freedom Fries with a burger.At Home Depot, they only sold Patriot Doors. You were allowed to Liberty Kiss but only if you weren't gay.And, the sexually depraved, had to go to sex boutiques for their Independence Ticklers.


This will probably be the big news of the day. As well it sholud be. Austerity is not the answer. And I did not learn that from Dr. Krugman. I knew it long before he was famous. If austerity means cutting gov't spending and all that goes along with that, then the masses haven't the money to buy the junk that the big box stores sell that helps to keep the economy afloat.


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