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December 09, 2011

Historic Hoboken ferry terminal reopens

     Staff Writer

   After laying dormant for nearly 45 years, the historic Hoboken Ferry Terminal has re-opened its doors for New Jersey commuters. Wednesday morning at 10am, transportation and elected officials gathered to celebrate the completion of the $120 million project.

   Headed by STV, a private engineering and construction firm, the renovations took place over a 9-year period. Funding was provided by state, federal and Port Authority support. While the terminal property is owned by NJ Transit, ferry service is run by the private sector. Commuters have been boarding ferries at a temporary landing for the past 20 years, but as of Wednesday they can finally step onto the boats from the new terminal.

   Originally opened in 1907, the terminal was in full operation until November, 1967 when it became apparent that ferries could not compete with bridges and tunnels, according to NJ Transit. Large portions of the building fell into disrepair. In 1973, the complex was added to the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places in an effort to begin renovations on the building.

   “The team had the unique challenge of preserving the historic character of this very significant historic building while necessarily incorporating the highly specialized infrastructure and operational needs of contemporary ferry service,” wrote Jill Bonamusa of STV.

   The historical details of the original building was taken into account. The New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office helped supervise the work to ensure that the final results would comply with historic guidelines. The unique Beaux Arts-inspired ornate copper cladding on the exterior was refurbished and the historic 230-foot tall clock tower was replicated. The arched truss timber gangways, connecting the terminal to the barges, were designed to be similar to the original gangways.

   The ferry service will now join the train and rail transportation already available at Hoboken Terminal. James Simpson, State Transportation Commissioner, called the terminal "a crown jewel in New Jersey's transit system," as it serves nearly 60,000 commuters each weekday.

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The poems on Indian Independence day have a patriotic vibe and the real essence of the country automatically gets transferred through them. There are lots of Independence Day Poems written by famous writers.

Bajaj Electricals

When you are shopping at Bajaj Electricals you will always get value for money. You just need to visit our website before you head to Bajaj Electricals Website. Bajaj Electronics Sales, Discount vouchers and Promotion codes. To know more visit our Bajaj Website.

Latest News

Discover latest News from the world, trending stories on Lifestyle, Humor, Entertainment, Sports, Travel, Food, Celebrities, Quiz, Health & Fitness, Science & Technology.

Content Marketing Company

Discover the key Content Marketing Benefits by reaching out the best Content Marketing Agency. Developing a Content Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing Values, content strategy, and content plan. WittyFeed Digipub Awards.


The Christmas season can quickly become filled up with shopping and cooking and eating and gathering, but at the root of it all is something far more important: loving. Christmas is a season of hospitality and giving. It is a season that urges people to put their friends, family, and community in front of selfish needs to help spread joy and hope. Now what doesn't sound nice about that? Happy New Year Wishes Merry Christmas Wishes New Year WhatsApp Messages


The first thing to do is to check the current version of the Google Play with your device. It is important to have the latest version of the app in order to enjoy all facilities.The Google Play Store is the official app store to get access to millions and millions of applications that are categorized under various options like movies, music, sports, Television programs, books, etc. There is no dearth of the kind of apps that you would find in this official Play Store. play store free download for mobile samsung play store games play store apps download


The recent update coming from the Board of Secondary Education, Andhra Pradesh (BSEAP) has confirmed that the Results will declare soon. Sources within the Board have confirmed the D-day for all the students awaiting their Results for Andhra Pradesh. Keeping in mind the convenience of the large number of students, the Board will make the Results available online on their official website which is given below. ap ssc results telangana ssc results Tamil nadu 10th Class Results


PhotoMath does just that, utilizing your smartphone's camera to quickly solve math problems. PhotoMath only works with printed text, so unfortunately it won't be solving your scribbles anytime soon; you'll need a printed sheet of paper or a textbook. You then position the math problem you want solved within the red frame and PhotoMath does the rest, crunching the numbers and popping out an answer. app that solves math problems by taking a picture photomath online no download photomath calculator online camera calculator


Vidmate apps are also included in order to access and download any kind of app and games on your Android device with this app. Vidmate is an occasion which will help you in order to download Internet videos directly from your smartphone. The application is very much compatible with most sharing and streaming sites and it is also available with multiple downloads at a time. vidmate apk vidmate download vidmate app download

Jio Phone 4g

Jio has launched a mobile named as JioPhone on 21st July. Now to buy this mobile, you do not have to pay Rs 500. The Jio Mobile will be available for Free as announced by Mukesh Ambani. But you will have to deposit a refundable security amount of Rs 1500 for Pre-booking. Full security will be refunded after 3 years. JIO Free phone will get Free Voice Calling (lifetime Free Unlimited Calls). Jio 4G Phone Tariffs Jio phone for WhatsApp jio phone booking


Navient is a U.S. corporation based in Wilmington, Delaware, whose operations include servicing and collecting on student loans.Managing nearly $300 billion in student loans for more than 12 million customers, the company was formed in 2014 by the split of Sallie Mae into two distinct entities, Sallie Mae Bank and Navient. Navient employs 6,000 individuals at offices across the U.S. navient student loans navient phone number navient student loan login


Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education has released the Inter 1st & 2nd Year annual examination time table. The Board is the conducting authority which will be given the exam schedule for Students who are enrolled the Intermediate regular and vocational courses through the AP Intermediate Board affiliated colleges in Andhra pradesh state for academic session 2017-2018. JAC 10th Time Table 2018 Haryana 12th Time Table 2018 HP Board 12th Time Table 2018

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