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September 11, 2017

Fringe Encores Series Highlight: Macbeth Muet


This year marked the first time in 20 years that New York, was without its celebrated International Fringe Festival, that turned downtown Manhattan into a huge arts festival, with hundreds of performances from around the world.  With that many shows, there are bound to be really good ones and not so good ones.  About 12 years ago, Britt Lafield, decided to take the “Best of the Fest” for an extended run so that more people would get a chance to see something of note, they missed.   Dubbed the Fringe Encore Series, it was presented at the SoHo Playhouse (15 Vandam Street). Without a propped Fringe, Britt and SoHo Playhouse’s Darren Cole took the show on the road, literally, they traveled to eight festivals on four continents to find the “Best of the Fest” from around the world with a selection from the Adelaide, Brighton, Edinburgh, Winnipeg and Hollywood Fringe Festivals.

This year, Garden State Journal has looked over the offerings of the 16 shows to highlight a few that seemed noteworthy including Macbeth Muet by La Fille Du Laitier. GSJ had a chance to speak with director, Jon Lachlan Stewart about this production, which will play at the SoHo Playhouse from September 19 – 27 (check the website for full schedule

GSJ:  How would you describe your show?

Jon Lachlan Stewart: A blood drenched silent film on coke with profound insights into Shakespeare’s original MACBETH.

GSJ:  What was the inspiration behind its creations?

JLS:   Macbeth Muet was originally created out of a grand guignol inspired notion to perform the entire story in about 5 minutes, without text. We used a melodrama-esque, fast-changing soundtrack that the actors followed, and it was just hilarious. Soon the team thought, why not just do the entire play this way, stretching out the moments and filling in some of the details we missed in the high-speed version? What emerged was a nuanced, detailed, gory, sexy, profound take on the play.

GSJ:  Who should see this play and what do you hope they leave the theatre saying?

JLS: I want people to walk out saying “okay, NOW I get Macbeth.” Anybody who loves stories of ambition and murder should check this out. You a house of cards fan? Breaking bad? Macbeth is at the seed of these contemporary tragic epics.

Anybody who loves Shakespeare and who loves physical theatre pieces will flip out for this show.

GSJ:  Is this your first time performing or being presented in New York?

JLS: This is La Fille Du Laitier’s first plunge into the New York scene, yes. Even though our English might not be too great, we’re really excited to be bringing a French-Canadian take on this Shakespeare classic.

GSJ:  Outside of your production is there anything you want to do or site you hope to take in while you are here?

JLS: I’m personally a huge fan of Stumptown’s Coffee and Morgenstern’s Ice Cream haha. I’m the director and I’ve visited New York before, but not my actors…I wanna make sure they get a taste of street pizza in NY. I’d also love to find the time to catch something really hot off Broadway, or maybe show them Sleep No More, given the connection to our play!

GSJ:  What are you hoping that being part of the Fringe Encore Series will do for this project?

JLS: We want to make connections with English American presenters and English audiences in the states. We really want to just share our take on this beautiful story with as many people as possible. Our company being at the encore series is a gesture to the U.S: we wanna play with you.

GSJ:  To get into this festival you had to have excelled at another Fringe Festival – how was that experience overall and how important is it to theatre to have such festivals?

JLS: The Fringe is the bread and butter of creation in Canada. I grew up on the fringe and it’s a truly democratic model where audiences young and old, richer or poorer, can enjoy entertainment from all around the world. It’s F***ing important. After fringing for over a decade, I’m in a bit of a different place in my career, and Macbeth Muet is a pretty high-production value show where the fringe is concerned. So, bringing this piece to the fringe was a bit of a gamble: we’re hoping people see it, love it, and want to give us opportunities to have it be seen some more!

GSJ:  What is up next for you?

JLS: La Fille Du Laitier is producing a street festival in Montreal: 5 companies producing works of 30 minutes or less. This festival is featuring our theatre food truck (a mobile theatre, living inside a truck!)


Macbeth Muet by La Fille Du Laitier

SoHo Playhouse (15 Vandam Street)



Performance Dates:

Tuesday, September 19 at 7PM

Wednesday, September 20 at 7PM

Thursday, September 21 at 7PM

Friday, September 22 at 8:30PM

Saturday, September 23 at 5:30PM

Sunday, September 24 at 7PM

Monday, September 25 at 7PM

Tuesday, September 26 at 7PM

Wednesday, September 27 at 7PM

Tickets are $29-$49 and can be purchased by visiting

Please check website for the most up to date schedule and other shows in the Fringe Encore Series.


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