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May 16, 2012

Five detainees agree to end hunger strike

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu agreed to improve conditions or release detainees at the end of their administrative detention. (UPI/Kevin Dietsch)

JERUSALEM (UPI) -- Five administrative detainees in Israeli prisons agreed to end their hunger strike in exchange for improved conditions or release, lawyers said.

Egyptian officials brokered the deal between the detainees and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Monday, which dictates all five will accept food within 72 hours.

In exchange, Israel has agreed to either release detainees when their terms of administrative detention are over, or to provide them with a list of charges to be brought against them, Ma'an news agency reported.

The five on strike -- Thaer Halahla, Bilal Diab, Jaafar Izz Addin, Omar Shalal and Hasan Safadi -- began protesting their arrest without charge months ago, and have been on strike for different periods of time. Diab and Halahla have held out the longest, each refusing food for 77 days.

Shortly after the five began their protest, some 2,000 prisoners across the country went on hunger strike on April 17, demanding better conditions, Ma'an reported.

Israel also agreed to revoke the "Shalit law" which restricted prisoner access to family members as well as educational materials. The law is named for Israeli solider Gilad Shalit, who was detained in Gaza for five years. Shalit was released in October in a prisoner swap.

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Zyx,Le Hamas elue democratiquement n est pas une manie, c est une verite9. Comme c ets une verite9 de voir a la tete du goemernevunt Israelien un parti extremiste, mais vous evitez soigneusement le sujet pour bien appuyer sur l extremisme palestinien, c est vrai ca passe mieu n est ce pas?? Faire passer les oppre9sse9 pour des terroriste et les oppresseurs pour des representants de la democratie et du droit.Expliquer en quoi les actes et les paroles d Israel, reprsentent, eux, une quelconque volonte9e de paix??? Colonisation, blocus, check point arrestations arbitraire, refus de creation d etat palestinien, refus d arreter la colonisation, c est ce que vous appeler des actes et des paroles de paix??Vous parlez du discrous du Hamas, parlez moi plutot de comment nous en sommes venu e0 ca?? (sans parler du discours de liberman pour ne cieter que lui, parcq on pourrai remonter a ben gourion pour nous rendre compte de la barbarie sioniste)Eh oui Zyx action re9action ; provocation action vous voyez un peu ou je veux en venir??Et puis cessez d inverser les roles, on en est plus au stade de la reconnaissance d Israel on en est au stade de l acceptation de la creation d un etat palestinien par c meme etat Israelien Il ne s agis plus de le reconnaitre ou pas, il s agit d explqiquer e0 un etat terroriste que s il veux vraiment la paix, il de se plier tout simplement au droit et devoirs internationaux c est aussi simple que cela De nous deux je crois que celui qui tourne autour du pot c est un peu celui qui evite de parler de l extremisme du goemernevunt qu il defend n est pas Zyx .Et pour ce qui est de mon pseudo, il n est la que pour vous montrer qu il existe des juifs qui ne sont d accord ni avec vous, ni avec la politique Israelienne que vous defendez et j en suis bien content


It's wouerdfnl to have you on our side, haha!


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I think Government must avoid such decision which are not in the favor of people of that country. When action took by the government then people came out on roads for strike like hunger strike and other kind of strike. I have noticed when such strike called then government wait to end automatically within 1 or 2 days but when it take more than 2 days then Government agree to dailouge on that issue which is not good. Any how, I like to get bigbang but i think government should change their way of dealing opposition and people.

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