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August 15, 2012

Egypt's new military leader known in U.S.

Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi has chosen Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi as defense minister. (UPI/Ahmed Jomaa)

CAIRO (UPI) -- Egypt's new military leader is well-known in Washington and has long-standing ties to the United States, the Obama administration said.

In a weekend power shake-up, Egypt's President Mohamed Morsi tapped Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi as defense minister.

U.S. officials expressed confidence that el-Sisi, who previously led Egyptian military intelligence, will maintain close ties with the United States and uphold Egypt's peace agreement with Israel, The Wall Street Journal reported.

El-Sisi's ties to the United States date back more than 30 years to a military training course he took at Fort Benning, Ga., officials said. More recently, he met with senior U.S. officials, including President Barack Obama's top counter-terrorism adviser.

"We know new defense minister el-Sisi from his previous post, and we look forward to continuing to work with him now," White House press secretary Jay Carney said during a media briefing Monday.

Sisi was appointed after Morsi dismissed Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi and voided a constitutional declaration that strengthened the military's political power following the 2011 ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

"This seems to be a move to preserve the military's long-standing privileges as opposed to a move to back the military's purely national defense mission," said Hisham Sallam, an analyst and editor at the Middle East political blog Jadalliya.

U.S. officials told the Journal they expected Morsi to shakeup Egypt's military, but said they believe Morsi used a militant attack in the Sinai in which 16 Egyptian troops were killed as an excuse to remold the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which ran Egypt after Mubarak's ouster and which Tantawi once led.

Comments :


MB should fully enjoy its vicroty but coming days are not going to be easy. Military is still the most powerful force in the country and it will remains so for years to come. To deal with such strong military, Morsi/MB now have two choices based on the experience of two other Muslim countries which found themselves in somewhat similar circumstances. Pakistan People Party (led by Benazir Bhutto) and AKP (led by Erdogan) won popular elections in 1988 and 2002 respectively but faced a deeply entrenched powerful military, unwilling to allow the new government to work independently. Even before they became Prime Ministers, Bhutto and Erdogan had to give assurances that they will play by the rules i.e. accept military's ascendency and pre-eminance in the affairs of state. Reports of recent talks between the SCAF and MB show that such negotiations might also be happening in Egypt and orders of shoot-to-kill (which you referred in your previous post) might have been given to drop a hint to the MB negotiators that the military is ready for bloodshed, if assurances are not given. Fortunately, it appears MB has satisfied the military as Pakistani and Turkish militaries were also satisfied by the PMs Bhutto and Erdogan respectively. What happened next in Pakistan and Turkey is a lesson for MB and Morsi. In Pakistan, Bhutto did some good things to open Pakistani society and better the lot of women but her government was mostly associated with incompetence and corruption. This emboldened the military, raised its stature in masses and Bhutto's government was thrown out of office in twenty months. For the next eight years, military assisted in removal of two more prime ministers, before a martial law was imposed in 1999 to end the decade-old democratic experiment. In contrast, Erdogan's government performed remarkably well. It managed to improve most of the socio-economic indicators of the country and won praise from Turkish and international pundits for its dedication to the welfare of masses. This performance resulted in two more comprehensive electoral wins in the next nine years. With such popular support behind him, Erdogan gradually challenged the military prerogatives and now Turkey works more like an advanced democracy, with Turkish military almost completely under civilian control.Morsi and MB are well-advised to follow Erdogan's footsteps and avoid Bhutto's mistakes. Interestingly, General Tantawi, Chairman of SCAF, served as military attache in Egyptian embassy, Islamabad in the 1980s.


MB should fully enjoy its vicroty but coming days are not going to be easy. Military is still the most powerful force in the country and it will remains so for years to come. To deal with such strong military, Morsi/MB now have two choices based on the experience of two other Muslim countries which found themselves in somewhat similar circumstances. Pakistan People Party (led by Benazir Bhutto) and AKP (led by Erdogan) won popular elections in 1988 and 2002 respectively but faced a deeply entrenched powerful military, unwilling to allow the new government to work independently. Even before they became Prime Ministers, Bhutto and Erdogan had to give assurances that they will play by the rules i.e. accept military's ascendency and pre-eminance in the affairs of state. Reports of recent talks between the SCAF and MB show that such negotiations might also be happening in Egypt and orders of shoot-to-kill (which you referred in your previous post) might have been given to drop a hint to the MB negotiators that the military is ready for bloodshed, if assurances are not given. Fortunately, it appears MB has satisfied the military as Pakistani and Turkish militaries were also satisfied by the PMs Bhutto and Erdogan respectively. What happened next in Pakistan and Turkey is a lesson for MB and Morsi. In Pakistan, Bhutto did some good things to open Pakistani society and better the lot of women but her government was mostly associated with incompetence and corruption. This emboldened the military, raised its stature in masses and Bhutto's government was thrown out of office in twenty months. For the next eight years, military assisted in removal of two more prime ministers, before a martial law was imposed in 1999 to end the decade-old democratic experiment. In contrast, Erdogan's government performed remarkably well. It managed to improve most of the socio-economic indicators of the country and won praise from Turkish and international pundits for its dedication to the welfare of masses. This performance resulted in two more comprehensive electoral wins in the next nine years. With such popular support behind him, Erdogan gradually challenged the military prerogatives and now Turkey works more like an advanced democracy, with Turkish military almost completely under civilian control.Morsi and MB are well-advised to follow Erdogan's footsteps and avoid Bhutto's mistakes. Interestingly, General Tantawi, Chairman of SCAF, served as military attache in Egyptian embassy, Islamabad in the 1980s.


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MB should fully enjoy its victory but coming days are not going to be easy. Military is still the most powerful force in the country and it will remains so for years to come. To deal with such strong military, Morsi/MB now have two choices based on the experience of two other Muslim countries which found themselves in somewhat similar circumstances. Pakistan People Party (led by Benazir Bhutto) and AKP (led by Erdogan) won popular elections in 1988 and 2002 respectively but faced a deeply entrenched powerful military, unwilling to allow the new government to work independently. Even before they became Prime Ministers, Bhutto and Erdogan had to give assurances that they will play by the rules i.e. accept military’s ascendency and pre-eminance in the affairs of state. Reports of recent talks between the SCAF and MB show that such negotiations might also be happening in Egypt and orders of shoot-to-kill (which you referred in your previous post) might have been given to drop a hint to the MB negotiators that the military is ready for bloodshed, if assurances are not given. Fortunately, it appears MB has satisfied the military as Pakistani and Turkish militaries were also satisfied by the PMs Bhutto and Erdogan respectively. What happened next in Pakistan and Turkey is a lesson for MB and Morsi. In Pakistan, Bhutto did some good things to open Pakistani society and better the lot of women but her government was mostly associated with incompetence and corruption. This emboldened the military, raised its stature in masses and Bhutto’s government was thrown out of office in twenty months. For the next eight years, military assisted in removal of two more prime ministers, before a martial law was imposed in 1999 to end the decade-old democratic experiment. In contrast, Erdogan’s government performed remarkably well. It managed to improve most of the socio-economic indicators of the country and won praise from Turkish and international pundits for its dedication to the welfare of masses. This performance resulted in two more comprehensive electoral wins in the next nine years. With such popular support behind him, Erdogan gradually challenged the military prerogatives and now Turkey works more like an advanced democracy, with Turkish military almost completely under civilian control.Morsi and MB are well-advised to follow Erdogan’s footsteps and avoid Bhutto’s mistakes. Interestingly, General Tantawi, Chairman of SCAF, served as military attache in Egyptian embassy, Islamabad in the 1980s. valtrex generic viagra


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