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December 06, 2011


Former Russian dictator Joseph Stalin had the type of domestic military police powers that the Senate Armed Services Committee is proposing. ()


   In Ramsey, three very conservative Republicans began a website that twice a week airs on an internet radio show, blasting President Barack Obama. The rhetoric is tough, challenging him on ObamaCare, the unemployment rate, taxes, and his overall lack of leadership. Sometimes, the radio hosts even get personal. They rip him for his admitted cocaine and marijuana use. They claim that he is not a natural born citizen, and they provide evidence demonstrating that the birth certificate he offered up is a fraud. The conservatives even make fun of his name, creating a rhyme: Barack, Barock, you're nothing but a Co*#. Soon, the Ramsey group has gathered a following throughout New Jersey and beyond. 

   The military police, who normally have no jurisdiction in civilian matters, for some reason are directed to investigate the brash talk show hosts. They come to the homes of the conservatives and begin asking questions about their political philosophies--and their loyalty to the United States of America. Two of the men refuse to respond to the inquisitors. The third has an answer for them: "I love my country, but I'm frightened of the current executive leadership. And, by the way, get the f*$# off my property."

   The military police determine that these men are a threat to the government. They then approach Mr. Obama. What can happen? Can the president order their arrest?

   Under current law, of course the president can't order their arrest. Based on the above facts, they have done nothing illegal at all. But get prepared. Hold on to your chair. Don't drop this newspaper.

   The United States Senate Armed Services Committee has just slipped in an amendment to a brand new bill it drafted. This amendment is perhaps the most frightening and dangerous  piece of proposed law that has been touted in the 21st and 20th centuries.

   In a bill that was designed to afford sizeable funding to the Pentagon, certain dictatorship-desiring-legislators cleverly added an amendment that allows the president to utilize the military as his personal law enforcement arm within the borders of the United States. It's not new for congress to drop provisions into a piece of legislation that have nothing to do with the intent of the bill. This is standard fare for corrupted politicians. See ObamaCare as a proud congressional example of defrauding its constituents by adding insane,
irrelevant provisions to an already unconstitutional law. What was done in this senate Armed Services Bill, known as the National Defense Authorization Act, goes far beyond the normal abuse, however.

   Per this bill, the president would have the authority to call on the military - at any time of his choosing - to investigate, arrest, and incarcerate any persons who he deems a threat to national security. Translation: he can arrest anyone who opposes his politics. And he can unilaterally decide to have them jailed indefinitely, where they have absolutely none of the fundamental rights granted to people under the constitution. No right to a trial by jury. No right to a speedy trial. No right to counsel. No right to even see a judge. There isn't even language that requires the president to have the person charged with an offense. In other words, the United States is subject to martial law under this bill. The president has unchecked police powers.

   The most recent time in U.S. history where the president has had such dictatorial strength was after the Civil War, during the years of the southern Reconstruction. This ended in 1876, and never since has this kind of unfettered power existed.

   The men who created the United States Constitution feared nothing more than a president's use of the military for his personal policing. The Due Process Clause simply prohibits it, stating, "No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of the law." This means that people must be afforded the basic right of a trial by jury in cases of crimes, and the government is required to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The founders of the constitution would have been terrified of a commander-in-chief who held people, domestically, without formal charges being filed against them; the same is an absolute violation of the Due Process Clause and is on par with the forces of the monarchy that ruled throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

   Today, the Senate Armed Services Committee, under the strings of a puppet master, is seeking to anoint a king, or worse. Pursuant to this bill, Bam Bam could arrest the Ramsey conservatives under the guise of national security. In reality, he could have the military arrest and incarcerate them because he doesn't like what they have to say. He could have them jailed - indefinitely - without any charges filed against them. In short, the president would have the power to command the military as his personal domestic police department and violate the Due Process Clause and every basic tenant of justice that defines the United States of America. 
   The bill is currently not law. And, fortunately, it is several steps away from being passed. It must be presented to the full congress, and then passed by both the senate and the house of representatives. After that, in order for it to become the law of the land, President Obama must sign it. In the unlikely circumstance that it reaches Obama's pen, count on the man from Hawaii - or wherever he really hails from - to sign it. After all, who called for its drafting? Some dope in the senate who has nothing to gain from it? Or one single man who wants to rule over a communist dictatorship?

   Yes, be scared of this bill. And be scared of any proponent of it. Be very scared.

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