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May 22, 2012

Bahrain condemns Iran's meddling

Bahrain's government ministers discussed Iran's attempt to destabilize gulf states. (UPI/Maryam Rahmanian)

MANAMA, Bahrain (UPI) -- The Bahrain Cabinet accused Iran in an official statement of attempting to destabilize Bahrain and other gulf states.

Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa met with government ministers to discuss the issue, Bahrain Post said Monday.

"The continuous Iranian interference in Gulf Cooperation Council countries' internal affairs is refused popularly and officially," the statement said.

The Cabinet accused Iran of inciting sectarian violence and violating international conventions such as the U.N. Charter and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation principles, the Gulf Daily News reported.

Comments :


Saudi can't send troops to Libya beucase they have to:1. Cross through Egypt to do it2. Doing #1, means going through IsraelThey have no navy capable of sending troops across the red sea so hence 1 and 2. Ok these are the practical reasons. Now for my theories:You see, I think the whole middle east was stirred up (starting with Tunisia) due to secret CIA plot at request of our government (both parties, not just an Obama thing). Why you ask? Well oil was about to skyrocket in price due to all the money printing ($1.2Trillion in 2009/2010 and $600B planned so far in 2011) we have been doing to buy our own debt and soak up toxic securities from the books of the banks so what better way to conceal the real reason for price increase than to create some turmoil over there. The sheeple are more likely to accept price increases due to instability rather than government printing money. Now, we need to be careful however as it could backfire some of the countries truly could turn into democracies with free press and then their people will get to learn how we've been SCREWING THEM OVER for the past 30 years. So it is not in our best interest to see democracy flourish there and that's why you haven't seen much in the way of our intervention not in Iran when they had an uprising last year, not in Egypt, not in Libya. As for Bahrain and Saudi Arabia .we get much more oil from them than Libya we need those two nations to be tranquil . No doubt the Saudi's are doing our bidding.Why don't we push harder for democracy in Iran and help the people ther? Well, if Iran becomes a peaceful democracy, then Saudi Arabia has no reason to fear Iran, which means they have no reason to allow us to keep our troops there and they have no reason to keep the price of oil cheap for us. You see, oil is bought and sold all over the world using the American dollar. Sadam Hussein once suggested that perhaps it should also be bought and sold using the Euro pooof we all know what happened to him. Iran a few years back made same suggestion hmmmm..kinda funny we been itching to pick a fight with them ever since. And you wonder why Europe hasn't been so gung ho to help us in big ways in that region it's beucase they benefit if the Euro is used as the currency for buying/selling oil in the world market.You see, we're pretty much SCREWED if the day comes when oil can be bought/sold/traded in the world in a currency other than dollars. We get the Saudi;s to play along with only taking the dollar beucase they fear Iran and we tell them to do our bidding or we take our troops out well that little quid pro quo will come to an end if/when Iran becomes a peaceful democracy. You see, it is not in our interest for a peaceful middle east.


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