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November 30, 2011


(UPI Photo/Alexis C. Glenn)

     Staff Writer

In Bergen and Passaic Counties, throughout the state of New Jersey, from corner to corner in the United States, and across the entire globe, one social issue never dies along with its victims. Abortion.

Regardless of the economic crisis facing the United States and abroad, abortion – the systematic mass murder of human beings – remains the most important issue that mankind faces. It can’t be otherwise, because nothing is more crucial than saving lives. Any pro-life person regards the termination of abortion as his/her primary moral and political focus. Pro-choice people, however, do not in many cases, as most of this group don’t believe that human life begins at conception and therefore they conveniently misguide themselves into thinking that killing a fetus doesn’t equate to murder. Therefore, they will prioritize other matters such as jobs, foreclosures, fuel costs and other serious items that personally affect them over their pro-choice position. Still, a substantial number of pro-choice activists are angry and loud.

Recently, Kenneth Del Vecchio, the publisher of Garden State Journal, and a critically acclaimed filmmaker/best-selling author, was the recipient of considerable attacks for the production of one of his most recent movies. The Life Zone, starring Academy Award nominee Robert Loggia (Scarface, Independence Day, Big), Lindsey Haun (“True Blood”; Broken Bridges) and Blanche Baker (Emmy winner; Sixteen Candles), chronicles the kidnapping of three women from abortion clinics—who are held for seven months until they all give birth. The controversial fictional movie cuts right down the middle, examining the topic of abortion from both sides; however, it has a surprising twist ending that clearly sends a pro-life message. The film will be released by a major distributor, ICAP Media, early next year along with two other brand new films from Del Vecchio, but it already has gone viral on the internet and been the subject of an enormous amount of national and international media. Most of it negative, spearheaded by left wing ideologues.

After several television shows covered The Life Zone’s racy premiere at Hoboken International Film Festival, Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” ran a lead segment on the film, blasting it with humor. And print media – from The Los Angeles Times to The Daily Beast to The Star-Ledger to Elle magazine in France – dutifully ran fact articles about the movie, noting the unexpected stir it created from one film festival screening. Anonymous bloggers and respondents to the film’s trailer on YouTube, though, lodged the caustic, and sometimes frightening, attacks at the movie and Del Vecchio personally. Over 100,000 unique viewers watched the trailer within a week of its existence on the site.  Following is just a sample of the types of comments posted (along with their usernames). 

“Tell you what, why don't I come over to your house and suck out your brain with a hose while you're sleeping. Then I'll dismember your body piece by piece. Let's see whether I get charged with murder or with practicing ‘medicine’ without a license…YOU are a disease. Not human.” (Ovedya2006)

“The Religious Right: Where you can never have too much crazy!” (xtrastage)

“Jesus Christ someone needs to lock up Del Vecchio… PSYCHO … PUT HIM IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL!!!” (beepoppab)

“A good representation of the radical pro-life movement... religious nuts.” (weeniemanx)

“And after he forces you to give birth, he will sew you all into a human centipede.” (onehundreddollars)

“If you call abortion murder, you are scum.” (HisEmptyHouse)

The assault on the movie and its filmmaker just underscores the rage that some anti-life advocates retain toward opponents of abortion. Del Vecchio, who is also a former judge, former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney, is not swayed by the abusive commentary and threats. “I am one of those who knows that abortion is the greatest evil the world struggles with, and I’m constantly trying to do my part to educate as many people as possible about it. This means that while I am invigorating the conversation through my film, I am necessarily going to be attacked,” Del Vecchio said. “My response, though, is not to take legal action, and that’s because I believe in something else that is precious. Our First Amendment right to free speech. I will fight for people to use whatever words they want, even if they are hateful and targeted at me.”

Del Vecchio did note, however, “Of course, if I actually feel that I am being threatened with violence, then I won’t hesitate to protect myself and family through the use of the law.”

Del Vecchio is representative of Hollywood’s passion for the protection of the First Amendment, but he certainly is not a poster boy for their views about abortion. Many stars and starlets subscribe to the thoughts of radicals like former Planned Parenthood president, Gloria Feldt, who had this to say about the issue: “When you peel back the layers of the anti-choice motivation, it always comes back to two things: What is the nature and purpose of human sexuality? And second, what is the role of women in the world? Sex and the role of women are inextricably linked, because if you can separate sex from procreation, you have given women the ability to participate in society on an equal basis with men.” Filmmakers and actors have routinely used movies, such as the Michael Caine flick Cider House Rules, to further the Feldt agenda of keeping abortion legal. These movies certainly outnumber the oddity of Del Vecchio’s pro-life film.

The use of filmmaking and star power certainly is one influential tool to sway public opinion on abortion. However, eradicating or at least limiting the deadly practice, can only be done through the law. The 1973 United States Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade, legalized abortion. This disaster, carved out by the hands of just five men in robes, has survived through eight presidential administrations, while millions of unborn babies have been murdered . The legalization of abortion hasn’t just made people complacent about the lethal act, but it has given them a justification to carry it out.

“People often equate legality with morality,” Del Vecchio said. “When something is legal, people believe it is okay. They don’t think any further about it, especially if the law has existed their entire lives. Hopefully, through enough proper parenting, education, and thoughtful entertainment and media presentations, people will actually think and develop thoughts of life, or change their minds…And for those who don’t, then let’s elect a president who will change the make-up of the court, and appoint pro-life justices. A president who uses abortion as a litmus test for the appointment of Supreme Court justices is the president that we need.”

With nearly fifty percent of America in the pro-choice haze and daze, all of these elements likely need to be in place in order to get people back on the sane, moral track of desiring to preserve life. The reactions to Del Vecchio’s movie are quite alarming because anti-lifers’ true, inner thoughts are being revealed through their anonymity. These are angry, and in some cases outright crazy, people. So pro-lifers can never make any economic or other issue superior to their goal of ending abortion. They need to capitalize off the sleeping pro-choicers who are worried about other political issues, but mindful of the rage that many in this group hold. This means that pro-lifers need to be alert and clever—and utilize every legal mechanism possible to change views and overturn the horror of Roe v. Wade.


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