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November 10, 2011

TransCanada: Clock Ticking on Keystone XL

WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Executives at TransCanada said they would continue working with U.S. officials on getting the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline eventually built. The Obama administration announced Thursday it would delay a final decision on a permit for the pipeline until 2013, after the U.S. presidential election. Russ Girling, president and CEO of TransCanada, said that although his company had already studied 14 different routes for the project, they would soon meet with the U.S. Department of State on additional options. "We remain confident Keystone XL will ultimately be approved," said Girling. "This project is too important to the U.S. economy, the Canadian economy and the national interest of the United States for it not to proceed." Keystone XL will ship heavy crude oil from Canadian oil sands projects to the U.S. Gulf Coast where refineries have been processing heavy crude from Latin America for several years. But the proposed 1,700-mile route has stirred up nationwide opposition in the United States, particularly in Nebraska where opponents say it poses too much of a threat to the Ogallala aquifer. "Because this permit decision could affect the health and safety of the American people as well as the environment, and because a number of concerns have been raised through a public process, we should take the time to ensure that all questions are properly addressed and all the potential impacts are properly understood," Obama said. Sen. Richard Lugar, R-Ind., ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said in a written statement the approval process should have been completed long ago. "Reviewing pipeline permits is usually a technical process," Lugar said, adding, "It seems unlikely to be a coincidence that delay of Keystone XL comes at a time when the White House was under tremendous political pressure." Girling said TransCanada was prepared to make Keystone XL "the safest pipeline ever built" but urged the United States to make up its mind quickly so that oil shippers and refiners could make their long-term supply plans. "If Keystone XL is continually delayed, these refiners may have to look for other ways of getting the oil they need," he said. "Oil sands producers face the same dilemma -- how to get their crude oil to the Gulf Coast."

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Dear Jan,This week, Rep. -will vote on a bill that includes a mauesre to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. The Arctic Refuge is our greatest wilderness icon and is home to caribou, polar bears, and hundreds of bird species that migrate to all 50 states and six continents. It’s a pristine, intact ecosystem that is unparalleled in North America, and for the first time in six years, pro-drilling Representatives are pushing to open this amazing place to Big Oil’s dirty, dangerous drills.There are some places in this country that are just too extraordinary to drill, and the Arctic Refuge is one of them – Rep. Payne needs to hear from you before this important vote.Please call Rep. -at (202) 225-3436 today and ask him to vote against drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and HR 7 the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act (also known as the Transportation bill.) Where is the petition for this?


"it's quite a bit further to take the Keystone SOUTH tuohrgh the US but the OBVIOUS question is WHY shouldn't North Dakota AND Canada REFINE the oil so that they transport the much smaller volume of the refined product?"A 42 gal. barrell of oil produces 42 gallons of other things, Larry, the 19 gal. of gasoline is only one of those products. You still have total of 42 gal. of products to deliver to where they are needed. What advantage do you see to refining in North dakota where there is one refinery? Here's the comparison. Be sure to check out the capacity differences also.And before it even comes up, if you are going to suggest building more refineries somewhere, you might want to check for yourself how much time and money it takes, and more importantly, how EPA requirements make such an enterprise so difficult, that only recently have 2 new refineries been started in the US for the first time in over 35 years.Another great example of the laws of supply and demand being distorted by government. Nort Dakota 1:Mandan Refinery (Tesoro), Mandan 60,000 bbl/d (9,500 m3/d)All of Canada 26:26 refineries. Find details yourself if you are interested.Texas 28:Baytown Refinery ExxonMobil),Baytown 560,640 bbl/d 89,135 m3/d)Big Spring Refinery (Alon USA), Big Spring 61,000 bbl/d (9,700 m3/d) Beaaumont Refinery (ExxonMobil), Beaumont 348,500 bbl/d (55,410 m3/d)Borger Refinery ConocoPhillips/Cenovus), Borger 146,000 bbl/d (23,200 m3/d)Corpus Christi Complex (Flint Hills Resources), Corpus Christi 288,000 bbl/d (45,800 m3/d)Corpus Christi Refinery (Citgo), Corpus Christi 156,000 bbl/d (24,800 m3/d)Corpus Christi West Refinery (Valero), Corpus Christi 142,000 bbl/d (22,600 m3/d)Corpus Christi East Refinery (Valero), Corpus Christi 115,000 bbl/d (18,300 m3/d)Deer Park Refinery (Shell Oil Company), Deer Park 333,700 bbl/d (53,050 m3/d)El Paso Refinery (Western Refining), El Paso 120,000 bbl/d (19,000 m3/d)Houston Refinery (Lyondell), Houston 270,200 bbl/d (42,960 m3/d)Houston Refinery (Valero), Houston 83,000 bbl/d (13,200 m3/d)Independent Refinery (Stratnor), Houston 100,000 bbl/d (16,000 m3/d)McKee Refinery (Valero), Sunray 158,300 bbl/d (25,170 m3/d)Nixon Refinery (Blue Dolphin) Nixon, Texas 15,000 bbl/d (2,400 m3/d)Pasadena Refinery (Petrobras), Pasadena 100,000 bbl/d (16,000 m3/d)Port Arthur Refinery (Total), Port Arthur 174,000 bbl/d (27,700 m3/d)Port Arthur Refinery (Motiva Enterprises), Port Arthur 285,000 bbl/d (45,300 m3/d)Port Arthur Refinery (Valero), Port Arthur 325,000 bbl/d (51,700 m3/d)Penreco (Calumet Penreco LLC), HoustonSan Antonio Refinery (NuStar Energy), San Antonio 10,300 bbl/d (1,640 m3/d)South Hampton Refinery Arabian American Development, Silsbee, Texas 6,000 bbl/d (950 m3/d)Sweeny Refinery (ConocoPhillips), Sweeny 229,000 bbl/d (36,400 m3/d)Texas City Refinery (BP), Texas City 460,000 bbl/d (73,000 m3/d)Texas City Refinery (Marathon Petroleum Company), Texas City 72,000 bbl/d (11,400 m3/d)Texas City Refinery (Valero), Texas City 210,000 bbl/d (33,000 m3/d)Three Rivers Refinery (Valero), Three Rivers 90,000 bbl/d (14,000 m3/d)Tyler Refinery (Delek Refining Ltd.), Tyler 62,000 bbl/d (9,900 m3/d)Can you see why a pipeline would be a much quicker and cheaper way to get the job done?You could have figured this out for yourself if you had really been interested.


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