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November 10, 2011

Tiny insects are big problem in California

SAN DIEGO (UPI) -- Swarms of gnats making organic farms in San Diego County their home are causing debate between organic farmers and those who want pest control, officials say. The infestations are linked to a couple of organic farms where the gnats lay their eggs, hatch and then fly off by the millions to annoy people -- pestering school children, people in their gardens and golfers on local courses, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported Wednesday. Spraying with pesticides would be an easy solution, officials said, but then the whole point of organic farming is to avoid the use of pesticides. The debate ended up before the County Board of Supervisors Wednesday, who voted unanimously, with one abstention, to study the problem for 90 days. The abstainer was board chairman Bill Horn, a certified organic farmer. "Organic farmers need to be good neighbors and not create crippling eye gnat infestations," Supervisor Dianne Jacob said. "We must find a way for the organic farmers ... to reduce the eye gnat population to a level that does not adversely affect the people who live in the surrounding communities."

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