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November 16, 2011

State legislative districts laughable

A chicken salad sandwich may better serve the state than some of its legislators. ()


Now that the minimal dust has settled from last week's state senate and assembly elections, the wins and losses can be evaluated. Truly, there were no real wins or losses because the legislative districts are rigged to ensure that incumbents - or one political party or another - retain their seats. In District 34 for example, the Democrats could run a cat and a chicken salad sandwich and they would win. In that district, which covers cities such as East Orange< Clifton and Montclair, it is literally impossible for a Republican to succeed. Ronald Regan would lose. A GOP candidate with $10 million would lose. Sean Penn, if he became a Republican, would even lose there. The residents of District 34 are pulling the Democrat lever no matter who is on the ballot. The district, quite honestly, would probably be better off with the chicken salad sandwich than one of its current safe incumbents, Sheila Oliver, the assembly speaker who had been rumored to cut a deal with Republican Governor Chris Christie to save her position.

Oliver denied the alleged deal, calling Christie “mentally deranged.” It was also alleged that Oliver became the speaker only through backroom dealings orchestrated by three of the state’s most powerful Democrat powerbrokers: state senator Raymond Lesniak, South Jersey mega-boss George Norcross, and Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo.

Oliver’s credibility is suspect, and she’s certainly no brain surgeon. Stringent guidelines in re-districting practices, where a non-incumbent (a Republican) could win in District 34, would allow for Oliver to be voted out, and better representation for the constituents. Similar to the 34th, District 40 voters have candidates from only one party who will receive the benefit of their suffrage. It's not Democrats, though. The occupants of the Bergen and Passaic County towns that comprise this legislative enclave elect Republicans—period. The donkeys don't stand a chance. But if the

Republicans put up anything else, let's say a zucchini and Popeye, they would be victorious. Popeye might actually be a better legislator than Scott Rumana, a now perennial in the 40th. At least the muscle bound sailor eats his spinach and speaks honest words. Rumana, who holds both titles of Passaic County Republican chairman and assemblyman, cleverly devised a plan to stay in power. Simply, in election years, he uses the power of his chairmanship to keep ensuring that he gets the party line. Also disconcerting is that Rumana has been the investigative subject of multiple ethical flaps, including trying to arrange a lucrative deal between the town of Wayne and a private company, Wayne Energy. The problem that many people, Democrats and Republicans alike, complain about is this: when the deal was being “negotiated,” Rumana was both the mayor of Wayne and the founder of Wayne Energy. While helming the Passaic County GOP sinking ship this year, Rumana saw all of his county candidates lose—although he retained his own seat in the 40th. If this legislative district were fairly re-drawn – maybe adding a few Democrat-type towns such as Haledon and Prospect Park (and remove a few Republican stronghold municipalities) – then there could be real competitive races. And Rumana, like his county slate, would likely shine as the loser that many believe him to be. It's not fair to single out just Districts 34 and 40, however. They were just named as examples. Every legislative district in the Garden State, and thus every resident, is a victim of this contrived electoral process. What happens is basic underground politics. An alleged balanced group periodically serves as a committee to re-draw the legislative district maps. 

The majority of the committee is comprised of powerful incumbent legislators; half are Republicans, and the other half, Democrats. Then, there is one “tie-breaker.” The last such committee convened this year. The Democrat members were Assemblyman John Wisneiwski, Assemblyman Joseph Cryan, Senator Paul Sarlo, former Assemblywoman Nilsa Cruz-Perez and, of course, Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver. The Republicans consisted of Assemblyman Jay Webber, Senator Kevin O’Toole, George Gilmore, Bill Pallatucci, and Irene Kim Asbury. The “tie-breaker” was a gentleman named Alan Rosenthal. The result of the most recent re-districting was that nearly every "new" legislative district remained a safe haven for one party or the other. In northern New Jersey, however, one district had a makeover which actually seemed promising in delivering a true race. Where it appeared conceivable that out of the three seats in contention - state senate and two state assembly - there could be a mixed bag of victors. Maybe two Dems and one GOP, or vice-versa. Why?

Because Republican towns like Hawthorne and Rochelle Park got added to the district, and a few Democrat leaning towns were removed. And wealthy large towns already in the 38th, like Paramus, had seemed to be moving back into a conservative voting trend. This made incumbent Democrat state senator Robert Gordon and his assembly running mates, incumbent Connie Wagner and Maywood mayor Tim Eustace, needy to access their sizeable donation coffers. This was something they didn't have to resort to in the past. Governor Christie made it his business to have a war chest of money dumped into District 38 in order to secure wins for his Republican candidates, John Driscoll (senate), Richard Goldberg and Fernando Alonso (assembly). He didn't count on, however, the weakness of this slate. Driscoll, an affable man, sorely lacks substance and was completely overridden by the policy savvy Gordon. Goldberg alienated the base of his own party and governor, with proclaiming multiple liberal agendas such as wanting to overturn Christie's defunding of Planned Parenthood. And Bergen County GOP chairman Robert Yudin proved inept by being unable to pull together disenfranchised members of the party and, even more so, via his unpolished lack of leadership. Christie, saddled with a second-rate local boss and candidates, couldn't pull off the Joe Namath prognostication—even with all the money and personal appearances.

Thus, the Democrats retained their seats. District 38 still has the prospect of being competitive in two years. But the same isn't true for nearly all others throughout the state. As maddening as it appears, every single legislative district in the state this year was either completely swept by Democrats or Republicans. Not one of the 40 districts elected two Democrats and one Republican—or two Republicans and one Democrat. Are the voters to blame? On the one hand, it's hard to lay the onus on them. Why should voters in Paterson want to elect Republicans? Do the GOP legislative candidates in District 35 have the same views as these people? Likewise, do the Democrat legislative candidates in District 39, which holds towns like Saddle River and Montvale, think like the voters there? That's doubtful.

On the other hand, the voters are allowing their legislators to draw the definitively rigged legislative maps. They haven't demanded a ballot referendum to change this. Nor have they made the ultimate stink by voting some of the dogged incumbents out of office. On the third hand, if there were one, maybe the voters just don't care. But a third hand doesn't exist. It's a sad joke. Just like the mapping of the legislative districts. A sad joke.

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