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November 16, 2011

One dead, six wounded in Spain stabbings

BILBAO, Spain (UPI) -- Spanish police said local residents subdued a young man who began shouting and randomly stabbing people near the entrance to a subway in Bilbao. The suspect, thought to be under 30, fatally stabbed a 65-year-old man and wounded six other people, municipal police told Think Spain. Witnesses said the man moved from the subway entrance to a nearby bar where he stabbed more people before customers in the bar were able to subdue him. The incident occurred Monday. Police said two of the six people injured were hospitalized. A seventh person was treated for anxiety. The identities of the suspect and victims have not been released. Bilbao is located in Basque country in the north-central part of Spain.

Comments :


Great idea! It's nice to see these kind of projects in Spain, beuasce we usually hear a lot of people saying that there is no innovation nore entrepreneurship in Spain, and this is one of many examples to prove those people wrong.


ke6re jf8rgen leth,jeg skriver her til din sesntee blog og he5ber, at du le6ser det. Jeg har fulgt din ske6bne, den har ve6ret he5rd de senere e5r, hvor det ve6rste dog me5 have ve6ret at miste sit hjem..Jeg har en ting du me5ske ville blive glad for at fe5 (som en gave). Det er et maleri af J. Claude fra Haiti, jeg kf8bte det pe5 en lille parisisk restaurant for nok 15 e5r siden, et meget fareme6ttet billede af en markedsplads. Jeg har altid ve6ret meget glad for det, men jeg tror du er ne6rmere til det.


This is very sad incident happened in Bilbao. People like who are facing lot of mental disability and depression are becoming like this and showing their aggression or agony on innocent people on the city roads as i have read from research paper writers online. Stabbing unknown people just to show is anger when he was in alcohol effect. I feel sorry for dead person and other six people.

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