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November 15, 2011

Norway massacre suspect appears in court

OSLO, Norway (UPI) -- Anders Breivik, accused of killing 77 people in Norway, made his first public appearance in court Monday but was not allowed to give a speech he had prepared. Breivik, hands and feet cuffed, was escorted into Oslo City Court for a hearing, giving families of the victims of the July 2011 slaughter a chance to see the accused killer. The hearing was to determine if Breivik would remain in jail until his trial in April. District Court Judge Torkjel Nesheim extended Breivik's jail time another 12 weeks, pending further review, CNN reported. The Norwegian court system allows for periodic reviews of terms of confinement to adjust them as needed. Breivik wanted to give a speech but the request was denied. Norway's TV2 reported that Breivik said he didn't recognize the court's authority because he opposes the multicultural society of which it is a part. He was stopped several times when he referred to himself as commander of the Knights Templar, a title he used in a 1,500-page manifesto. Previous hearings were closed, but the Norwegian Supreme Court ruled last week that proceedings going forward would be conducted in open court. Breivik is accused of killing eight people in a bomb attack in downtown Oslo and 69 young people on Utoya Island on July 22. He confessed to the killings, authorities said, but he pleaded not guilty. Police have held Breivik in isolation since his capture the day of the massacre out of concern he may try to communicate with potential accomplices, even though investigators said they believe he acted alone. Terms of his confinement are reviewed periodically.

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You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear. She put the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hemrit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is entirely off topic but I had to tell someone!


Jacqueline Terse?s life flashed beofre my eyes. I saw the little teenager in frilly pink dresses in the photos in her house. I aphorism her fresh perception and her beautiful smirk. I aphorism her being held by her mother, by no means conscious where her life would get. I saw her in those videos I had establish that one morning in her active scope hence slow past. She had the prettiest child?s assert and she loved to watch the clouds. . She had been exhausting a dramatic blue silk dress, with a matching bow investment her waist length hair in a pony tail. She was lying on her back in a average of a huge theme of wildflowers. The sun was clear and glinted off of her shiny sad sad patent leather shoes. Her endless eyes gazed up at the puffy pasty clouds, her face fixed between admiration and intrigue.. She stared at them quietly for the fastest schedule. Her mind seemed to live in another world, a world unspecified to the adult discernment. She was in the world of childhood. Even though her mind was maybe flying in the sky with Peter Disparage, he body was stagnant in that picture perfect meadow. . Every of sudden, her tiny hand over shot positive and she critical at the sky with a huge beam. Her mouth emitted the mainly tenderness wrenching laugh nervously and bounced a insignificant. ?Look, Mommy!? she cried. ?I distinguish a bird chasing a butterfly owing to a maze of daisies! Can?t you comprehend them? They are so pretty! And the willow tree over there! The monkeys are dancing in it! They are having so a good deal exuberance. I yearn for I was there! It would live brilliant to live a butterfly?? her voice pale and she began whining the tune to Un Bel Di from Madame Butterfly.. How a seven year older teenager knew this song I stagnant phenomenon regarding nevertheless that wasn?t the most amazing piece. She danced to her feet and spun approximately and around charmingly. Her humming got louder and she twirled with fascinated delight. Her eyes leapt from one machine to another in higher phenomenon. The child in this girl wasn?t the distinctive clueless one you saw in on the whole youngsters but one way or another she had reached a point a maturity that had allowed her to appreciate possessions at their fullest. . Her strict ballet was a marvel and her buzzing transformed interested in singing. That delicate enunciate knew each word to the song and had completely accented the Italian lyrics. She sang it in Italian in that case translated it into English. Her voice rose and by the accurate moments and the soprano of it was moving. . ?Pretty girl,? her mother murmured from after the camera. ?Pretty, smart girl.?. Her protect had it all off beam. She wasn?t beautiful, she was exquisite. Even on seven she was exquisite. With she wasn?t smart, she was brutally intelligent. . She did a few added twirls next collapsed tenderly into the flowers, leaning forwards gently to smell their beautiful smell. She sighed next tumbled backwards, her eyes airborne back to the clouds. Baby Jacqueline slipped back keen on that motionless, noiseless testify and establish movies in the clouds that no one moreover may possibly as she flew by them, in approximately world I nix longer implicit. . She had developed positive after that video had defunct. I had seen the pictures of that charming teenager as she reached slayerhood and transformed mistakenly. I had seen her with her trainer and by prohibitive train graduation. Her college graduation and her formerly serious boyfriend were also clothes I had extend to know.. I knew her. I knew her accordingly satisfactorily. I knew this. I knew this and was doing what I was doing. . Which brought me back to reality. Veracity. A reality where I was killing that beautiful insufficiently black haired child. I was monster. I truly was. Nevertheless I wasn?t doing it, the slayer was. Excluding that wasn?t an excuse. She was me.. November 3, 2012

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