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November 22, 2011

NJ Not Part of ObamaCare Lawsuit – Why?


Over 25 states joined the lawsuit against the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ObamaCare. New Jersey failed to align itself with the other states, who have been seeking to overturn the massively unpopular and unconstitutional legislation. Now that the case is headed for the United States Supreme Court, where ObamaCare is likely to be shot down, many leaders – and constituents – are feeling pride in their decision to fight the federal government.

New Jerseyans cannot feel that pride, though Governor Christie has assured us that if states like Florida, West Virginia and Alabama succeed, then we will get the benefit of their hard battles. That’s rather dissatisfying. It reminds me of times in college where a certain group of friends and I protected weaker other persons in our crowd, fighting off foes in barroom brawls or frat parties, while they stood by and watched. It sure made me feel good, knowing that I was loyal and fought the fight—and that I had usually impressed some hot girls. But they must’ve felt awful stupid, maybe even like cowards.

In March, during an interview on WOR Radio, Garden State Journal columnist Steve Malzberg asked Governor Chris Christie to explain why he didn’t have New Jersey join the historic ObamaCare suit. He first answered that “the decision to not join was by Governor Corzine.” But in acknowledging that he still could have had New Jersey join the other states in this important battle, he said, “There were a significant number of states who had already either initiated or then subsequently joined on to it. And my view was this is not the kind of thing where a judge sits down and counts the number of states that are in.” Christie stated that “I’ve made it very clear that I oppose ObamaCare.” When pressed for a concrete reason why he didn’t have New Jersey join in the lawsuit, he cited costs. “I wanted the New Jersey people to have a free ride,” the Governor said.

Malzberg later spoke to the Texas attorney general, who advised him that it cost each participating state only $70,000 to come on board. Right now, 27 states of the union are taking the punches in the courtrooms. If they lose, they get the bruises. If they win, they should be the only ones to get the glory. New Jersey will get the benefit from a victory, no doubt, as a frighteningly unconstitutional, socialist piece of legislation will have been overturned. But to those 27 states, New Jersey will be like my weakling college buddies who watched my gutsier and I friends deliver the beating on their behalves. And that just isn’t right. New Jersey should have joined the fight and been part of the ObamaCare lawsuit.

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Thank's for providing a list of Companys I will no leongr do any business with.Ted, I guess you want to go back to wiping out a family if one is to get sick. or maybe those 20% rate hikes to pay the insurance or hospital executives salary that contributes absolutly nothing to fix health care problems.Yea,doing nothing as the Republicans did for how many years Ted. how many years did we have double digit raises for them guys while your Republicans sat on there butts and did nothing but make it worse on us little folks like the non negotable perscription drugs BS Bush pushed through.Yea,Ted the old way stunk and only the rich could afford and to the poor it was free NOT anymore.


Just a comment on what I beivlee is a "current" result of Obamacare. I have Medicare coverage via an Advantage plan. This year, not only did my "co-pays" increase for specialists and ER services, but the real zinger is that MANY services which once had co-pays that were flat dollar amounts, e.g. $20.00, changed to "percentages." Whereas last year (and those preceding) I would pay $20.00 on a $400 dollar bill, I now must pay $80. Not so bad you may say, but my only income is Social Security which did increase slightly this year (following two or was it three years of no COLA), but the increase in my income would quickly be devoured by medical expenses should I suddenly develop a serious illness. It is my understanding that several hundreds of millions of dollars were "redirected" from Advantage Plans with the advent of Obamacare, and I suppose these major changes in my plan are intended to recoup those losses. (See next) [url=]lactdtnpv[/url] [link=]zodfgmcyt[/link]


You are so wrong. My children who are under 26, DEFINITELY bieefnt already from the provisions of the Affordable Health Care Act. You guys are living in the Stone Age. Have you ever been to Europe? Have you ever been denied coverage because of a totally unrelated "pre-existing" condition? This law will enable us to move forward and actually begin cutting healthcare costs. THIS is what will bankrupt the US not the provision of universal healthcare, shared by all Americans, as it is in every other civilized country on this planet. Last of all, rationing is what we have NOW in our healthcare system. It's immoral and despicable.


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When buying with the DIY store you must know what precisely the job in store requires. Not only must you know what the heck is required but to consider how to give good results.

Ideation is a creative steps involved in generating, producing, and communicating new customers ideas. When we finally plan so that you can launch a different business, we frequently leverage footwear concept and also we develop our unique plan. The same is applicable to growing footwear business.

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Is the ground covering inside of your kitchen impure and crumbled? Could be the counters nervous with melts and grazes? Is a design of your kitchen vicinity cumbersome? If you are, the time frame is right to contemplate your your kitchen remodel. Modernizing your kitchen could help value within your whole dwelling, and your kitchen redesigning will likely be an exciting process which will calls on your creativeness.

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As a publishing field undergoes thrashing upheavals with change, its useful so that you can track this change in the very books that happen to be riding this change, plus implementing them, through how they are built, published, handed out and bought. Cyber Legal requirements by Brett Trout is actually a perfect model of this sort of book.

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Journals usually are loads of work. Law Review is likely to require far more work. Members lose far more of its freedom, however also get from remaining on Legal requirements Review. Consequently, the question needs to be asked: is Legal requirements Review of great benefit?

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After buying the right mindset for your personal legal frame of mind, what legal requirements school condition comes upcoming? Uncovering this wonderful institution obviously! Usually there are some critical points of interest in the following pursuit: 1) don't just choose a uppermost positioning schools, 2) establish what elements of law are best you, and on top of that 3) direct focus on schools this rank highest for any distinct products that pique a person's awareness.

Unless you're basically a give somewhere around Siberia, you've heard considerably about legal requirements of Attractive force. Maybe you've looked into it. Maybe you may have seen a DVD The actual key. I are not familiar with. I offer this subject inside of a slightly several way than the majority do.

Reported by security industry experts, offenders come to be even smarter by minute as they quite simply discover new methods to hacking up on another fighter's property just by connecting to your internet.

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So, is a Shopping Genie your Scam? Option question on the table. The Browsing genie is certainly called This Shopping Genie and it's owned by way of Mynet Universe.

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