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November 16, 2011

Journalists report drug war despite risks

JUAREZ, Mexico (UPI) -- Mexican journalists say they're still determined to write about drug violence despite the risks even though one of their own was gunned down three years ago. Journalist Armando Rodriguez, who was shot 11 times in front of his children Nov. 13, 2008, was remembered Sunday at a memorial event. "Those who ordered the killing of Armando were wrong because those who are left are more seasoned and we are working," Luz del Carmen Sosa, a reporter for El Diario de Juarez newspaper, told CNN. "Those who believed we were going to take step back, they were wrong." She took over Rodriguez's crime beat after his death. His colleagues say they think he was targeted because of his coverage of drug cartels in Juarez, including the violent turn the border city took as the cartels became more entrenched. Local reporters said the still-unsolved killing was the first of many that targeted journalists, CNN said. Since 2000, 74 journalists have been killed in Mexico, 14 since 2010. Del Carmen Sosa said she is prepared to take full responsibility, even death, for her work. "Unlike Armando Luis Carlos [Rodriquez], I'm alive," del Carmen Sosa said. "I try to be responsible with my journalism and I have no fear."

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I try to focus on real hazards in Mexico. Getting smacekd crossing a street, falling down on slippery cobblestones, getting dipped by a pickpocket, being burgled in a set-up of a hotel room, having a window smashed in an automobile to rob it, now those are real hazards. (I don't even want to think about getting sideswiped by a speeding DINA sugar cane truck).There is something about the combination Mexico and Bandits that seems to trigger a primordial fear in Americans. Getting winged by a stray ricochet would somehow be worse than being splattered across the grill of a KenMex. Having a wallet lifted in a crowded market is much more egregious than blowing up a five thousand dollar motor because I forgot to check the oil Is it the thought that we are prey that is the mitigating factor in deciding that any other misfortune would be preferable to being preyed on?The point I'm trying to make is, many travelers put *all* of their energy to work trying to avoid being preyed on, while ignoring other sources of danger or severe inconvenience that is far more likely to strike them in Mexico.


I will add another point:a0 I tahgut this stuff for several years in our local schools.a0 Worked hard to develop something that made a difference.a0 None of the kids I tahgut are on drugs this day. Nobody told me that they exclaimed in class and I have written a book about it.a0 My wife keeps insisting that I re-do it and publish.a0 I no longer have the urge because I don't care anymore.a0 A lot of work is going down the drain because I need an editor who can put thoughts together and sort the mess out.a0 I don't have that ability.For now I will only say this.A lot of money has been spent on drug wars but I truly believe we can end this problem if only we start to spend our money in the right places.a0 It begins and ends with education and it starts in kindergarten continues through high school.Your local pharmacist is the key to it all.VA:F [1.9.21_1169]please wait...VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)


Journalist Armando Rodriguez is very brave man and he continuously reporting about the drug war in spite the danger of his life. Some people try to kill that Journalist but luckily he safe. Infect, he received some letters and calls which have message to away from this issue. But determined to get rid of drug from our country and still working on it. Well! I'm students and happy to see that such people have this country who don't care his life for the country. Any how, I want to find a person who know the working of and also tell me about the reliability of this site.

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