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November 28, 2011


Presidential candidate Ron Paul says that government should stay out of private business. (UPI/Christina Mendenhall)


Obama Tosses Another $ Billion – “Hope” it Goes to Small Businesses

From the get go, the bailouts were a terrible maneuver. Giving what amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars to the top financial institutions, auto industry, insurance companies, “green” companies, and basically any major industry that has asked, has been anti-capitalist and anti-democratic. The government’s handouts are inapposite to capitalism because the capitalist model allows for failing businesses to die, and new businesses to spring up and take their places. The gifts to the banks et al fly in the face of democratic principles because the government has truly only favored the biggest. Sure, there have been token donations of funds to smaller businesses, but the oddity of those grants rivals that of a two-headed llama. The bailouts, quite frankly, violate the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution, as small business owners just haven’t been treated equally.

Perhaps, now, Obama and the bandwagon of money-tossers can remedy this inequity. On Monday, the White House announced that it will be awarding $1 billion to projects that test creative ways to deliver high quality medical – with a caveat. These projects must also “save money.” So, the Obama administration has plans to throw money at people so they can invent ways to save money! In the health care industry, no less! Now here’s the “hope.” Maybe, just maybe, all or a substantial portion of this billion bucks can go to small businesses, and not to some Ivy League schools or big-bank financed companies. Small business owners have good ideas. They’re crafty people. And they’re ambitious. They take risks. They know that they have to have all of these qualities or they won’t survive. Mr. Obama: reward these men and women for their ingenuity. Reward them for all the jobs they provide to Americans. Reward them for being the true backbone of our economy. And slap some of that dough into their hands.

Obama and Romney can Hatch a Plan to Save MA Research Funding?

The state of Massachusetts is complaining that it may lose almost $700 million in research funding if Congress makes the cuts in the national deficit that it plans. The primary losers of these funds would be major universities and pharmaceutical companies. In fact, UPI and Garden State Journal reported yesterday that “some 130 research university presidents signed a letter to committee members urging reforms to entitlement programs and the tax code rather than further cuts to scientific research.” Help these dudes, please.

Can you see it? Two guys in capes. One looks like a Ken doll, the other like, well, an anointed one. They’re both a little weathered at this point, but polished. You can see the oil dripping off them, as they glide, holding hands, through the air. Look! Up in the sky! It’s Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. In their free hands are scrolls. One reads “ObamaCare.” The other, “RomneyCare.” Through this great joint venture, they can stop congress from cutting the deficit and continue to let the country be drained through funding these big businesses research centers in Massachusetts, the ultra-liberal bastion where Romney governed and Obama played Ivy League law school editor. But nay, we hear a skinny doctor from Texas call out. A man the media and mainstream anything and everything wants to totally ignore. He says, “Cut the crap!”

Presidential candidate Ron Paul has continually advised that the government doesn’t need to be involved in these kinds of industries. The government doesn’t need to fund private pharmaceutical company research. If the companies and universities – and their research – is so valuable, than certainly there will be a crowd of private investors ready to put money into the programs. That’s how the free market works. The more the government is involved with these entities, the more we drive toward socialism, if not communism.

Maybe that’s why universities are so liberal…

Lawyers Claims Against Penn State Dubious

As reported yesterday, lawyers are already preparing lawsuits against Penn State, representing alleged victims in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case. Penn State University will be one of defendants. It is interesting to note, however, that Sandusky supposedly met the eight victims through a not-profit organization he founded, The Second Mile. So how is Penn State liable? Is it because some of the alleged acts of abuse occurred on university grounds? If so, that would probably be a specious basis for naming the school as a defendant unless the plaintiffs could prove that security failed. Proving such is unlikely as Sandusky obviously had full access to the university and all of its facilities, so there doesn’t seem to be an argument where there was negligence in security.

Are the plaintiffs angling that Penn State is liable because school officials did not properly investigate reported incidents of child molestation, nor notify law enforcement authorities of such. This could prove to be a legitimate cause of action. However, don’t bet on it. It’s quite likely that discovery will ultimately show that the school did advise the police of the alleged acts. If the school didn’t notify law enforcement and just internally investigated the matters, this may have been bad judgment. But attorneys would have an uphill battle in succeeding in a case against the school for this reason. Why? Because the sexual abuse had already occurred—reporting it to police would not have prevented acts, so defense attorneys will argue there is no civil liability. But, alas, the plaintiffs could win on this point if they can demonstrate that one of two scenarios existed: (1) that a particular victim was sexually assaulted on multiple occasions, and because the school failed to report to law enforcement, this allowed the defendant to repeat his criminal conduct; or (2) that the university, in failing to tell police about one victim, permitted the perpetrator to prey on other victims—because law enforcement was never afforded an opportunity to investigate him. All this is moot, though, if Penn State did report the accusations to law enforcement.

Media has widely circulated the notion that there was some form of cover up by Penn State to protect its prize football program. At this date, there is no evidence to support this claim. Lawyers, though, are scrambling to file lawsuits to capitalize off this tragedy, seeking to name as many defendants as possible. It may be, however, that there is only one true defendant—Jerry Sandusky. So, here’s a question:

Is it Penn State who’s looking to protect its pocketbook at the expense of victims, or are victims’ lawyers looking to line their wallets at the expense of Penn State and other dubious defendants? No one should rush to judgment.

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Gov. Romney's debate pefanrmroce with Pres. Obama can be summed up with this quote from Abraham Lincoln. Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. Romney displayed the leadership of that stable solid tree that America desperately needs. Gov. Romney rose above the character assassinations on his reputation by theObama campaign. We will keep praying for Mitt Romney, his family and the country.


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