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November 15, 2011

51 were arrested at Occupy Portland camp

Protesters arrested and Occupy encampments dismantled across the US. (UPI/Elijah Nouvelage)
PORTLAND, Ore.(UPI) -- Police said they arrested 51 people in shutting down the Occupy Portland camp during the weekend. The Portland Police Bureau released the names of those arrested Monday. They ranged in age from 16 to 63 and were charged with offenses including interfering with police, trespassing and disorderly conduct. Four of the protesters detained early Sunday were booked into Multnomah County Jail. The rest were cited and released, police said in a written statement. Although Portland has long had a liberal reputation, the city decided last week that discipline and order at the Occupy Portland encampment had broken down and it was time to break up the protest in the interest of public safety. The mayor of Philadelphia said Occupy Philly had already cost the city $500,000 and could jeopardize a $50 million revitalization project at Dilworth Plaza, the Philadelphia Daily News reported Monday. Mayor Michael Nutter said he asked Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey to beef up the uniformed police presence at Occupy Philly and "establish structured and strategic positioning and deployment of officers on a regular basis." Nutter did not set a deadline for dismantling the protesters' "tent city" but he said sanitation, food and personal safety conditions were "intolerable." In California, police arrested at least 20 Occupy Oakland protesters anir records expunged, The (Nashville) Tennessean reportd began dismantling the encampment in the city. A legal adviser to Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said he resigned to protest the police raid on Occupy Oakland's encampment, the San Jose Mercury News reported. "No longer Mayor Quan's legal adviser," Dan Siegel wrote on his Facebook page. "Resigned at 2 am. Support Occupy Oakland, not the 1 percent and its government facilitators." All charges against Occupy Nashville protesters resulting from arrests Oct. 28-29 were dropped and their records expunged,The (Nashville) Tennessean reported. In Chapel Hill, N.C., 25 armed tactical officers arrested eight demonstrators occupying a vacant car dealership, officials said. "The town has an obligation to the property owners, and the town will enforce those rights," Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt said in a statement. In Detroit, Occupy protesters said they planned to relocate from a city park to a long-term site, an organizer said. Growing numbers of Occupy groups are moving from city parks to college campuses, including Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., and the University of California, Berkeley, The New York Times reported Monday.

Comments :


was initially stpmatheyic to these people. If you look closer at who they are and what they are saying, this is what I see:Young liberals who are upset at the people that they elected, which is that Obama and the Dems. didn't prosocute any of the Wall St. Titans that got our country into this ecenomic mess. Obama increased the bail-outs to the too big to fail that Bush started, and Obama hasn't made any real regulation changes to the financial system.You can sense some frustration from these people at Obama, but it seems that most just blame the rich, or the Republicans for stopping any of the necessary changes.It also seems that many of these people are students and they are upset about the debt that they are in because of the high tuition costs. Yet they don't see the connection between the ever increasing tuition prices and the government involvment in the insuring and supplying student loans, and the universities that take advantage of this situation.What is interesting to me is that these people are angry at liberal government for not fixing the system, yet they think more liberalism is the answer . Even though Democratic politicians had total and unstoppable power in Washington for two full years, and controlled congress for 4 years, they would still rather blame Republicans, who were completely out of power in 09-10..It seems to me that Obama rules this country just like Bush. Obama continued the Bush bail-outs, Obama continued the Bush wars, Obama pushes amnesty and high immigration rates to dampen wages just like Bush. These people wanted change but instead they got more of the same. Yet they don't blame their own politicians.


Please don't feel so full of yourself, your sarsacm is typical. You are not protecting me nor my progency from anything. I understand the concept clearly but I do not think it's being represented here at Occupy Oakland. No matter what type of government you have there have to be rules to live by that are maintained within each society (and changed if needed) . As stated I agree with the Occupy Wallstreet premise . but not how it's taking place here in Oakland. Just because you think your Oakland protest is divine doesn't actually mean it is and that you're saving the rest of us from anything you sound like the TeaParty but at the opposite end. I'm so tired of both ultra -left and -right wingnuts they do the same thing but opposite beliefs. Yes, I understand the importance of protesting, in being able to protest, in bringing about change and equality, and that it's not always perfect (I graduated UCB and took part in a few myself) but really, drop your ego a bit. [url=]bdajpjux[/url] [link=]uenhwfmx[/link]


In some ways I agree, and in some ways I disagree with you.You seem to beivele that we have a liberal government, while simultaneously proclaiming that Obama is a continuation of Bush. There is some discontinuity in these statements.These people are upset at government precisely *because* it's not liberal. Like Bush was not conservative (finance wars and tax cuts with deficits!), but neo-conservative, so is Obama not liberal (finance lower taxes by milking Medicare and Social Security!), but neo-liberal.Both parties represent corporate interests above the public. I beivele that the Tea Party was born out of conservative recognition of this fact. In a likewise fashion, so is this movement born out of progressive recognition of this fact.I beivele the only hope for our two-party system is a simultaneous fracture into a four-party system. Should any one party fracture into a third party, it will practically hand the system over to their opponent . Only with four parties can we break the stranglehold of corporate interests.

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