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Checking In With Ted Greenberg

Robin Hood




Happy 25th Birthday, A League Of Their Own!

(Pride) In The Name of Love

Batman Returns

The Ides of June

The End of Longing

Cost of Living


Wonder Woman

The Boy Who Danced on Air

Look At the Old Girl Now

For the Love of LaCroix

The Tree of Strife

"Groundhog Day" Review

"Sweat" Review

"A Doll's House, Part 2" Review

"Derren Brown" Review

"Can You Forgive Her?" Review

"Happy Days" Review

"Iphigenia in Splott"

Checking In With Darren Pettie

The Music Men

Checking In with Kitty Brazelton

Checking In With Jeff Talbott

Checking In With Courtney Baron

Happy 20th, Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Checking In With Kerstin Karlhuber

Oscar’s Home! Will Have Attendees Whistling a Happy Tune

Checking In with Alan Hruska

Doug's 2017 Academy Award Winner Predictions

The Suburb Has Never Sounded Better

A Look Back: The One Where Friends Got It Right

In Appreciation: Mary Tyler Moore

Checking In With Monica Piper

Checking in With Garth Evans

Doug’s Fearless 2017 Oscar Predictions

Golden Globe 2017 Predictions

Portrait of the Tortured Artist as a Happy Man

Best Movies of 2016

Best Books of 2016

Best Podcasts of 2016

In Appreciation: The Unsinkable Debbie Reynolds

In Appreciation: Carrie Fisher

It’s a Wonderful Anniversary

Checking In with Michael Crane

Checking in with Nick Abeel

An Open Letter to the Creators of Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life

Checking in with Stephen Christensen

Tuna Helper

Liar Down Below

Checking In with Tjasa Ferme

Checking In with Charles Davis

Checking In with Dick Tarlow

In Appreciation: Curtis Hanson

Checking In with Donald Garverick

2016 Emmy Predictions, Part 1

2016 Emmy Predictions, Part 2

Doug’s 2016 Emmy Predictions, Part 3

Doug’s 2016 Emmy Predictions, Part 4

Checking In with Jon Kovach

Izzy in a Tizzy

Never Was Hysteria More Hysterical

Is That a Knife in My Abdomen or Are You Just Unhappy to See Me?

All’s Wells That Begins, Middles and Ends Wells

What You Get Is Not What You See

Schtup in the Air

"Quietly" makes a thunderous American entrance

Dog Days of Summer

Checking In with Kristin Piacentile

Southern Discomfort

Theatre Review -- Insomnia: a New Musical

Doug's Fearless Tony Predictions, 2016

Q&A with Jordan Jaffe

Q & A with Morgan Gould

Q&A with Ron Eniclerico

Doug’s Fearless Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

Doug's Fearless Oscar Predictions: Best Lead Actress

Doug’s Fearless Oscar Predictions: Best Lead Actor

Doug’s Fearless Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

It’s Never Sunny in West Philadelphia

Checking In with: Zrinka Cvitešić

Q & A with Adam La Faci of State of Play Productions

2016 Academy Award Nomination Predictions

2016 Golden Globe Predictions, Part 1

Doug's 2016 Golden Globe Predictions, Part 2

2016 Golden Globe Predictions, Part 3

2016 Golden Globe Predictions, Part 4

Golden Globe Predictions, Part 5

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Q&A with Terry Berliner and Michelle Elliott

Q&A with Caroline V. McGraw

A Q&A With Reut Shemesh

Add It Up

Catching Up With Amy Hargreaves

Too Much Light

The New World

2015 New York International Fringe Festival Review:

An Interview with Jillie Mae Eddy

An Interview with Reynaliz Herrera

An Interview With Lisa Lewis

Camp Counseling

Little Play in the Big Woods

In Memoriam: Roger Rees

Q&A with Desiree Burch of Tar Baby

Keeping Up With Seth Numrich

Doug's Fearless Tony Predictions, 2015-style

Lost in Boston

Church of Your Heart

You Are What You Eat

Two Tough Guys Peel Back Layers in Queen For a Day

Portrait of a Lady

A Love Triangle with the Bluntest of Edges

The Bees' Knees

Family Tatters

Lady in the Water


Doug’s 2014 Oscar Nominee Predictions

Doug’s Day-Of Oscar Reactions

Golden Globe Predictions, Part 1

Golden Globe Predictions, Part 2

Golden Globe Predictions, Part 3

Golden Globe Predictions, Part 4

Golden Globe Predictions, Part 5

Golden Globe Predictions, Part 6

Mindy Project Recap: Season 3, Episode 12

A Flame That Remains on Simmer

Whale of a Tale

New York Film Critics Announce 2014 Awards

If it’s good enough for Evan Lysacek…

It Had to Be Hugh

The Newsroom: Season 3, Episode 2 Recap

Homeland, Season 4, Episode 8 Recap

The Weight of the World

Parenthood Recap: Season 6, Episode 7

Summer Stock

All You Need is Lennon

Boys on the Side

Paper Mill Playhouse, When It Sizzles

The Big Cheap

On the Surface

To Have and To Scold

Cast And Loose Live! Schools Casting Breakdown Authors

Mothers and Sons (and then some)

Death Defying Act

In Memory: Robin Williams

About Last Month

Location, Location, Location

Every Day He Writes the Book

Bird is the Word

Father and Daughter, Linked by Guitar

The Man Who Wasn't There

Triumph of the Musical Spirit

The Missing Person

Release Me

In Memory: Paul Mazursky

An Interview with Robert Emmet Lunney of Gertrude – the Cry

An Interview with Alex Draper of Pentecost

A Conscious Coupling

Darkness Falls

Reunited and It Feels So Nutty

Behind The Other Mozart

A Musical Misfire

Spinning Its Wheels

Cold Comfort

ANTFest Preview

The Essential Straight & Narrow: A Review

After Midnight Dances Off with Top Astaire Awards

Jane the Plain: Capsule Review

Mother Knows Zest

Lust in America

Double the Pleasure

The Song Remains the Same…and That’s a Good Thing

2014 Tony Nominations Announced

Bad Medicine

Slit Decisions

Brownstone Blitz

Face Value

When Irish Mouths are Blabbing

Three Times the Charm (Well, Almost)

Bullet Time

Rabbit Test

Phyllis Frelich's Vital Contribution to the Arts

Dark Angel

The Play's the Thing

The Skittish Invasion

The Great Immensity Tackles Important Issues

Connect Four

Mickey Rooney: The Little Guy with the Big Career

Trading Futures

What Went Wrong?

High School Musical

In Memoriam: James Rebhorn

Gotta Gotta Get Down to Get Up

French Evolution

The Age of Grief

The King of Wishful Thinking

Off-Broadway Recommendations for Spring Breakers

Amour Fou

Return to Neptune

Escape Artists: A Q&A with Mark Cirnigliaro and Bill Holland of Hounds of War

Gone to the Dog: An Interview with Day of the Dog Playwright Daniel Damiano

How do you spell P-O-S-E-U-R?

Bittersweet Science

Pluck of the Irish

The Devil is in the Details Hand to God is worth the fan worship

2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Picture

2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Actress

Robert De Niro Commemorates A Bronx Tale

2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Actor

2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

2014 Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actor

A Look at Two Legends in Love

Arias with a Twist: Michael Mayer’s updated Rigoletto puts a colorful touch on the Verdi classic

Must we do the time warp again?

From White Plains: When the Crusader Becomes the Crusade

Generation Eh

Parting Company

Democracy and Majority Rule

Disaster Ignorance

Our Deviant Society

Obama's Educational Excellence Initiative

Obama's Educational Excellence Initiative

How Times Have Changed

Tyrants and Human Nature

Tyrants and Human Nature

Difficult Economics Lessons

Difficult Economics Lessons

The Underclass

Too Much College

Racial Double Standards

Immoral Beyond Redemption

Immoral Beyond Redemption

Our Nation's Future

Should Black People Tolerate This?

Should We Obey All Laws?

Leftist Race-baiters

America's Two-Faced Liberals

Devious Taxation

Good Economists

Media Dishonesty and Race Hustlers

Dupes for the State


Compliant Americans

It Just Ain't So

Equality or Inequality

Math Matters

Rising Black Social Pathology

Economic Chaos Ahead

Obama's Racial Politics

Obama's Racial Politics

Schools of Education

Presidential Nonsense

Presidential Nonsense

In Greed I Trust

I Love Greed

Gullible Americans

Economic Fairness

Free To Die?

Ending Income Inequality?

Should the Rich Be Condemned?

Poverty in America?

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HIFF Celebrates Third and Possibly Final Year in Middletown

Boys and Girls Club of Wayne

New Scandals Show Obama’s Contempt for the Constitution

The Wayne Public Library

Vila Verde