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C.E. Marraffino - Archive

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A New Type Of Holocaust Film: 50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. & Mrs. Kraus

Screwing Up Everything Never Felt So Good

A First for the First Time Fest

Something Moore for 2013

GSJ Speaks with NJ Filmmaker Tony Glazer

James Bond Fifty Years Ago and Today

The Issue of Visitation

Firing the Godmother

Alcoholic Brother Needs To Bottom Out

Stifled Suspicions

Long-Distance Love Needs a Reality Dose

She's Just Not That Into Him -- and Never Was

Calculating Compound Culpability

Friending Your Kids' Friends

Follow Your Dreams, Own Your Choices

Facebook Friends Aren't All the Real Thing

The Pressured Speech of Bipolar Mania

Patience with Autism at any Age

Too Far Away for Comfort

Reasons for Paternity Tests Go Beyond Biological Ties

Selfish or Sane?

Selfish or Sane?

Countdown To Safe Sex

All Grown Up and Ungrateful

Trusting Cheaters

Lay Off the Sneak-Mail

It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Gets Hurt

Help Rarely Comes Uninvited

The 'Other' Grandparents Give Better Gifts

Abandoned After Separation

What Did I Do?

Full Disclosure

Cheating Husband Doesn't Need To Change

Reindeer Got Run Over by a Granny

When Family Secrets Are Dangerous

Forever the Fiance, Never the Groom

Mystery in the Middle

Is It Worth Opening this Can of Worms?

Betrayed by Her Boyfriend and Her Boss

Look Up the House Treasures and Invite the Thieving Girlfriend for Christmas

Grandparents Seeking Custody Could Consider Legal Guardianship or Foster Parenting

No Dibs on Friends

Embrace Your Inner Ogre

When the Silver Spoon Spoils

A Family Destroyed ... by a Spoiled Surprise

One Day at a Time Is Ahead of Himself

Mama's Girl Isn't Going Anywhere

When is a kiss just a kiss?

Are grandparents automatically free babysitters?

Marry her or leave her alone

People Aren't Obligated To Leave Anyone Anything

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